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Hey Bulletproofers,


I've been on the Bulletproof Diet for 4 weeks now.  I've been doing everything as directed except the protein.  I know Dave would frown upon this, but I've been eating chicken thighs all day instead of grass fed beef.  As a college student on a tight budget, I can hardly afford all the coconut oil and vegetables.  


I was wondering if I'd be better off eating a different type of meat that doesn't cost much more (pork, beef, turkey?).  Has anyone else been on a similar diet?  I feel a little nervous eating 8 chicken thighs a day when it's not on the diet.  Any feedback would be a weight off my shoulders.


Thanks so much guys!


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    Sardines in olive oil for the win!


    You could find some grass fed mince also for a decent price depending on where you are located.

  • Just don't eat the skin and replace the fat with something better like avocados.


    I love sticking butter under the skin before baking.

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    Here organ meats are very cheap, don't know about where you live, so on some days you can add those, too, for variety. But I really don't know the prices over there, here there are turkey thighs for cheap, and I think they must have less fat so less omega 6 in them, their texture just seems drier. If these are not options for you, you are still doing good with just the above advices.

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  • Awesome advice guys.  Thank you so much!

  • Turkey is one of the cheapest meats by the pound most of the year.  Rotate your protien source around though, you don't want to develop a sensitivity.  If you can spring for it, buy the Larger cuts. primals or sub-primals on beef, You can get most for $4-$6 lb if you don't ask the butcher to trim them down.  Videos for portioning them to size are all over youtube.  My favorite is the whole top sirloin, b/c picanha. 

    Then you can use the waste for broths, which keep you fuller longer. 

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