Jaw Tension - Stress Or Noots?

So I've been confused on one thing, when it comes to jaw tension how do you know the difference between stressful jaw tension and nootropic-based jaw tension.


I'm not supplementing with Choline, and haven't really ever supplemented with it, as I eat a lot of eggs. That being said, I have had jaw tension, and am pretty sure that it's related to stress, not nootropics. The big question is, how can I tell?


  • It's a million dollar question, basically there are many possible sources of inflammation. To name few - metal toxicity, infection, lack of electron flow due lack of movement - grinding; emotional issues, nutritional deficiencies as magnesium, sulfur and silica. It can be some of those or some of combinations.


    If there is also teeth grinding and or tinnitus, finding out what your toxin is would be helpful...

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