Cranial Electrical Stimulator

I'm looking into getting a cranial stimulator and trying to get some input from those who have experience with a cranial  stim unit and or tdcs.   I am looking at the CES ultra, Oasis II, and Fischer Wallace.  I need it mainly for chronic insomnia, and better focus during the day. The CES ultra only has one frequency  setting 100hz. which would appear to be quite limited.  The Oasis ii has multiple wavelengths from gamma thru delta and the ability for tdcs,  so it appears to be more versatile.  The fischer wallace has it's own set of frequences, don't know much about this unit.  Anyone who owns a ces unit, please give me some advice and your experience with ces.  I have seen a thread on the forum from 2012,  talking about ces but there is not much info on user experience.




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