David Delight Pro With Ces - Has Anyone Any Experiecnes ?

Hi there, I wonder if there is someone who owns the David Delight Pro (with CES) and could share with his/her experiences ?  I have been trying this device on and off for about three years and though I have tried all of sessions with different options (CES intensity, sound and light intensity, various colors for eyesets...) so I have never noticed any significant improvement in my anxiety ( anxiety issues such as social anxiety was the main reason for I decided to spend my 600 bucks for this machine).  I also tried 100 hz session mode for 2-3 weeks but again I didnt recognized any siginificant gains for my anxiety problems. 


I wound like to ask, what specific session(or maybe combination of various sessions in a row ) would you advise for anxiety (performance/phobic/GAD) ?


and what type of session would you adivse for better focus - concentration issues, but without possibility of getting anxiety or irritation (so I rather mean something like "relaxed concentration" ) ?


Here is a list of sessions in my David Delight Pro device :



For most of the time, I tried Mood Booster 1 - 2 and some other sessions form Meditation and Sleep categories, but as I mentiond it didnt help me. Just for the record, for what (besides fibromyalgia) is intended the "Mental Flexibility" session ? Can I somehow benefit from Sub-Delta session if I dont suffer from fibromyalgia and hypertension ? I tried Sub-Delta for a few times but I really didnt notice anything.



I dont know, but it seems like this unit is probably not suitable for my problems. I would really appreciate it if someone could give me some advice. Thanks in advance.







  • Did you clean up your diet? Try GABAwave? use the AVE and CES mode together or separate? What colors are you using, try the random selection, stay away from blue and red. Try 100hz for a bit then calm yourself with some HRV and a session from meditation with CES/AVE, check your HRV for a response to the program. This will help quantify your sympathetic nervous system which I find where most anxiety comes from, the illogical survivalist in between the ears. Put it in check with a clean diet, gaba wave and some HRV in addition to what you are doing. If you need help with the HRV you can try cold bathing to walk up the SNS and making you more aware of it. Over time ice bathing will make your SNS stronger as well through conditioning it. 

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