Blood Test! Advice Needed

So, my work offers a health screening.  If I pass with a score of 70/100 or greater, I get a large discount on my medical premiums.


Here's the crappy part:  rather than evaluated cholesterol ratios, they just look at the gross levels of HDL LDL and Triglycerides.  I stopped drinking BPC awhile ago, because I have had blood tests that show that it elevates my gross cholesterol levels.


So now, I feel disgusting and bloated from drinking other sources of caffeine.  I feel foggy and blurry, like I did before I started BPC.  And there is inflammation.


I am thinking of going on a water fast for a few days before my test, to get some of the toxins out of my body.  The most I have ever done is three days.  But I am unsure if the toxins being eliminated from my body during the fast will negatively affect my blood test.  I could just take a ton of charcol.  


Does anybody have any advice?


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    If your brain fog is from "other caffeine sources" why not just used Upgraded beans without butter?


    Keeping carbs away from the morning should keep your trigs looking pretty. But I would eat protein in the morning, and also avoid the water fast, because fat loss can temporarily increase cholesterol. See Dave's comments about expected cholesterol values in the Rapid Fat Loss Protocol. 


    In the Four Hour Body, I recall a tidbit where Tim Ferriss said he experimented with time release niacin and an orange before bed to cut his cholesterol levels in half. If I were you, I would avoid carbs in the morning but eat protein at breakfast, and research niacin and other silly short-term choelsterol hacks. Or do someone a favor and steal their statins so you can take them for a couple days before the test. (Obviously don't really do that. But you could ask for some pills from someone who is in good health and just taking statins on doctor's orders and doesn't mind missing a few doses) 

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