What To Sleep On?

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So I'm just wondering if anyone has any advice on what exactly to sleep on.  I've lived in an apartment for a very long time and always slept on the floor in a sleeping bag with a foam mattress underneath so that there is a little bit of padding so that blood flow isn't restricted.  Lately though I have been having some back pain and also waking up in the middle of the night and having trouble getting comfortable again.  I'm not sure if it is something with the sleeping bag or foam or what but something needs to change.  I have considered memory foam but all the chemical stuff in it concerns me even though it is apparently inert but avoiding it altogether seems like a better plan.  I don't really like how much I sink into mattresses but I'm certainly open to suggestions.  I was wondering if there are any recommended sleeping setups as I have I not found any on the webpage yet.  Thanks and take care!



  • Invest in a bed. Go to a bed store, and lie down on the beds. See what's comfortable. Then potentially put a memory foam on top of it. 

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    For a while, my family and I slept on the floor too. We got rid of our beds, wanted to do some kind of paleo/floor-living thing, and held up for over a year that way. We did invest in some cushion-y things to make it a little more comfortable (thicker than a sleeping bag, but much thinner than a mattress), however I had little problem sleeping on the floor with nothing but a blanket beneath me once I got used to it. The carpet in our old apartment was really crappy, so I'd sometimes wake up congested. Also, bugs. Gotta look out for those. If you're broke, or a minimalist, you might consider just getting rid of the foam pad underneath the sleeping bag. You may wake up really sore for a couple of days, but I reckon your body will adjust within a week. Maybe that would be more comfortable? While floor sleeping is kind of awkward, I used to sleep like a rock and got up much easier once I got used to doing it. If you want to continue floor sleeping, play around with your setup until you happen upon something more comfortable.


    My wife is rather pregnant at the moment, so I ended up buying a basic king-sized bed. Went to the mattress store, tried a few out, and just settled on a cheap (but comfortable) model. Bought new pillows and such, too. The materials were a concern, but in the end I haven't got the money to invest in some awesome, super-natural-grass-fed bed. I think that getting quality sleep trumps the chemical concerns. Just my opinion, of course.

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  • I'm loving the memory foam mattress I purchased a year or so ago, wouldn't want to sleep on anything else now.




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    Thank you so much everyone for your insight!  I have been carefully reading and rereading it.  Katolotus that part about the dust mites your post was especially interesting!  I think I will give the memory foam a try!  Hopefully something that isn't too intense on the chemical dealio but couldn't dust mites and such be just as bad or worse? Thanks and take care!



    EDIT - This one is looking good!


  • Mmmm pasture raised grassfed bed......
  • hanging mat, or a 7 foot wooden bench

  • Recently took the plunge on an $899 Saatva mattress (organic cotton blend, no formaldehyde, no chemical flame retardants, memory-foam layer). Good reviews on consumer reports. Between it and the boxspring the price was very competitive with the ones you find in showrooms. Also, the price is comparable to casper.  Will chime in to let peeps know how it works out. 


    Alternative: how about my inversion table?


    A wooden bench might be better for the back in the long run, but not for the marriage!  :grin:  :grin:  :grin:

  • If you still want to comfortable mattress with your budget then try Lucid or Zinus.

    Know more about this mattress then check https://comfymattress.reviews/lucid-vs-zinus/

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