Bulletproof Creatine?

I know I have read on the blog and heard from other advocates like Tim Ferriss that creatine has benefits to cognitive function. I am curious if anyone is familiar with the available brands of creatine out there and what is the most bulletproof? What is the best time to take the creatine and what is the doseage based on body weight if you also want to utilize the physical performance aspects of the supplement? I have also heard it is best to cycle off creatine for periods of time because with prolonged use it can hinder your body's natural production. Is this true?




  • I've seen on many posts that creatine monohydrate is best and it's cheaper too. There is a study somewhere on suppversity that says if you take creatine with baking soda it has a synagistic effect when exercising.
  • What's the study and where? Have you tried it yet? Is Baking Soda ingested a thing?
  • I have also read about the use of monohydrate here on the forum. What about the ethyl ester form of creatine? Does it also have the same cognitive enhancing properties? I am really looking for opinions on actual brands of creatine.

    Here is the study he was refering to: http://suppversity.blogspot.com/2012/04/supercharging-creatine-with-baking-soda.html
  • Creatine monohydrate is all I've ever heard about. The ethyl ester might be good if you want creatine in your brain, but creatine is intended for your working muscles. That study looks interesting, might have to try that. Creatine mono is sort of like Vit C or ascorbic acid in that it doesn't matter who makes it, you can't change the chemical structure. I would just find a good reputable cheap brand. I use this because I get a discount and it's good.
  • M. ThomasM. Thomas A Stick of Butter a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.
    Creatine isn't necessarily "intended" for anything. Its just something your body uses for quick ATP production so having plenty of this stuff is obviously going to help your physical performance.

    Creatine is a known cognitive enhancer and can alleviate Alzheimer symptoms and revert the effects of other neuro-degenerative dieseases. Its practically a nootropic.
  • Are there any studies or experiences pertaining to the effect of taking creatine long-term on the body's own capacity to produce it?

  • Andy BoskampAndy Boskamp Andy Boskamp

    Does the timing of creatine matter if it intended use is as a nootropic?


    If I take it in the morning will it break IF? If I take it at night will it still make me smarter/more energetic in the morning?

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