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Good morning! I have a question about supplements.

I bought and read Skye's (awesome) book almost 3 weeks ago and I'm now 20 days into my new Bulletproof lifestyle. I'm down 14 pounds and feel awesome! Loads of energy, happy, satiated, the works.

My question is about the suggested supplements. I am taking the recommended K2, D3, Primal Defense Ultra and Vitamin C. I also stir some collagen into my BP coffee.

I've been taking my supplements in the mornings, but I'm not sure if I am supposed to take them on an empty stomach, with/withoutwater or if I can just take them when I drink my BP coffee.

What do you all do?



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    That is FANTASTIC! Hell yeah! I am virtually sending you a fist bump! :D:D:D:D:D Isn't it amazing how a couple smart tweaks turn our fat-burning hormones around? Thanks for posting and supporting the book! As far as supplements go, it's great taking them in the morning with the fat in your coffee (esp the K2 and D3 because they are fat-soluble). That means when you take them with fat the body absorbs them easier. That's why people who go on these fat-phobic diets are oftentimes so nutrient deficient.... their bodies aren't correctly and/or fully absorbing the vitamins they're taking because of the lack of dietary fat. Hmph. Go figure.


    I take my collagen at night mixed in warm water with apple cider vinegar, stevia, a touch of raw honey, mct oil, sprinkle of cinnamon and cayenne. I also take magnesium and potassium at night along with my omega 3's (<- just started doing the omega 3 thing at night for muscle repair). I also just added taking unfair advantage at night (jury's out on that product). Try that night time cocktail and my bet is you'll get some amazing, deep sleep.


    Keep up the great work! So happy for you! Would love and really appreciate a review of your awesome results on Amazon if possible. Every little bit helps get the word out to other women. GREAT WORK!!! YEAH!!! You're a rock star! Keep us posted!

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  • Skye, awesome! Thanks so much. I will keep do just that and keep you posted!
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