Can I Start The Bp-Diet Without Access To Good Protein?

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I´m new to the BP diet but really want to get into it cause I´ve been eating Paleo for the last 1,5 years and feel as tho I wanna try and up the fats and lower the carbs in my diet. However, I have a few crucial questions and hope you guys can help me out.

1) I currently live and work in China and have hardly any access to grass-fed let alone organic meats but I really wanna try the BPD. There are no food safety regulations in China and I´m quite concerned about the food quality. However, I try to buy locally at markets and hope for the best. Meat and eggs (all animal protein) are a huge part of the BPD and Dave always emphasizes the importance of the quality. So, can I even do the BPD if I can´t get grass-fed, pastured, organic meats and eggs?? What should I do?

2) Can I drink my usual hot water with fresh lemon and a splash of Organic Apple Cider vingear in the morning half an hour before my Bulletproof coffee? What about intermittent Fasting and hot lemon water with vinegar before the coffee? Is it ok?

Thank you!!




  • Have you looked into ordering meat from Austrailia or New Zealand? The shipping/import fees might get pretty crazy, however I do know that the Aussies and the Japanese have longstanding ties with the Wagyu breed of cattle.


    Maybe look into ordering beef from Japan.


    I cannot comment on the lemons and ACV breaking your IF.


    Lemons have about 4.1grams of carb per 100grams, and ACV to my knowledge has none. I don't know if that is enough to knock someone out of ketosis really, I'm not an expert keto dieter.


    If you wanted to go strict BP IF protocol, I would keep it out of your routine for 3 days, then introduce it on day 4 and do some quantifying. Measure glucose and ketones in the blood on day 3, then measure on day 4, 30 minutes after consumption.


    All the best!

  • I haven´t looked into ordering from overseas but someone recommended a Shanghai based organic online shop to me which delivers to Hangzhou. So, I might check them out and see if I can get some good grass-fed beef.


    Thanks for your tips on IF and lemon water, I´ll do some self testing and see how I go.

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