How Long Does One Bad Meal Effect You (Thanksgiving)

Hey guys,

How long does one bad meal effect the body? With Thanksgiving coming up, I figured this would be a good topic. How long does ONE bad meal effect the body. (Not interested in alternatives to the meal, just the effects of one bad mean like a Burger king cheeseburger or a thanksgiving meal, etc)


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    Curious of this as well. Hopefully someone can throw some good links or thoughts.

    When I go off the hook, from my N=1 experience - my general wellbeing, sleep and mental performance is impacted for AT LEAST 3 days.

    You can minimize damage if you do the suggested supplements (NAC & Charcoal, Bentonite Clay, Calcium-D-Glucarate).

    But in the grand scheme of things, though: one meal is nothing. It's only a problem if you tend to go off the hook completely or have some health problems (like Dave with mycotoxins, for example).
  • Ben Greenfield has said, and I dont remember the research he cited, that the effects of gluten can last 5 months.

    Personally, I've never gone 5 months without food with gluten so I cant tell if its forreal. In my experience, 3 days. Charcoal, Glutathione, Coffee, extra MCT help me.
  • I had 1 very bad and very big meal this saturday for me its exacly as suntoucher discribes. So you should count on at least 3 days imo.
  • according to this, 14 days will start to see improvement but 1 month is what it will take to start seeing benefits of not eating grains (its not just gluten that is bad in them).
  • I believe its different for everyone and also depends on what you ate. i did a little test with myself just last week where i literally ate like shit just crap foods candy, chocolate(not Lindt image/tongue.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':P' />), processed foods, shity meat (hot dogs), and lots of bread for all meals and slightly maybe overeating but eating crappy foods makes you want to eat more... i know weird.

    After that week i started this past sunday back on BP diet. took about 2 - 3 days to see reduction in my belly bloating and for my back and sides to kinda tighten back up to normal. The reason for doing this was really just for fun and to show family the difference heathy eating can make. and if anything it wasn't the look of me that was the best change, it was how i felt that whole week i was so lazy laying around the house, the dog got less walks (which i felt bad about haha) and my mood was horrible so angry and irritable. BP MAKES YOU HEALTHY, FIT, AND HAPPY!! image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />
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