What Do You Want Your Hrv Levels At?

There is a lot of general info out there on HRV, but very little on what are actually good HRV levels.


It seems that 60-90 is normal with the higher the # the better. However, during my workout today I noticed mine dropped way down to 5 at one point. Is that bad or normal? A few hours later and I am at 50.


What are considered good numbers that mean you can exercise again?


Im using Polar h7 and HRV Sense.


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  • From that PowerPoint...


    So it looks like above 90 is good to go and under 90 is generally meaning you should rest more?

  • There is a difference between your HRV baseline and using it for optimizing training. Where it comes to optimizing it for training it is primarily relative - as long as it's not too low. You'll see your HRV increase through recovery to its baseline, and then you train, then it dips, and takes a number of days to recover based on your condition.


    The other thing to mention is that you have to be very careful with how you take your measurements - sitting, vs. standing, vs. lying down, first thing in morning - all can impact it by up to 10 points. So make sure you compare like-to-like every time to make it usable.


    As an example, currently my HRV is never at 90 because of where my baseline is at - and that's in optimum control conditions (lying down, rested etc.). So focus on the relative change - in any case the apps all do this automatically. E.g. ithlete and Sweetwater.

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