"need A Flu Shot With Ebola Scare"?

90% of the time work from home and never get sick - I don't get out much into the the public other than shopping and womens health club. ( Husband gets flu shot - because he isnt a bio hacker - works with kids - and isn't that healthy.)


I am flying 5oo miles via the West coast ( S. Cal - Seattle) for a funeral. Only a gathering of 7 people will be there. While listening to Dr. Radio via Sirius Radio today- they say you should get the flu shot to rule out ebola if you get sick. Otherwise you risk being quarantined etc.

Should I get the flu shot for this reason? Is this an exception? Or do my regular immune boosting remedies suffice prior to travel enough?


I have a regime 1 week out before travel with all the natural remedies, vitamins and juicing/  sticking close to the bulletproof diet. With exercise- good rest - the whole deal. 


PS - never had a flu shot in my life.



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  • I'd avoid the flu shot, and just make sure you're taking lots of vitamin D + K2. If you do take flu shot, see the other thread in this forum called "Mandatory Flu Shots" for John Brisson's suggestions on what to take to counteract the effects of the flu shot.

  • Think carefully about a flu shot. Having seen one of my uncles spend the last years of his life seriously debilitated and in need of constant assistance due to severe brain damage after a flu shot caused encephalitis which is a well documented vaccine injury I wouldn't have one. 

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