Rflp - Newbie

Hey all - I am a 37 year old female reaching out to people currently following the RFLP for support and motivation. I am day 3 into the program and am doing it with one of my best friends so that makes it so much easier to stay on track. We are wondering about other people's experiences and results. Thanks so much!!


  • You go for it!  I could not get past day 4 I'm afraid and whimped out.  I'm doing IF instead and it's great.  Good luck and let us know how you both get on.

  • The first week was not easy but after my first refeed I felt and still feel great.  I am currently on Day 40 and down 30 lbs.  Also don't obsess over the scale and use the supplements and stay hydrated.

  • Thanks! Im down 6 lbs at the end of week one, so your day 40 results are very encouraging to me! Thank you :)
  • How are you making out Complexidee?

  • Any updates for those on RFLP?  I have recently started RFLP too after being generally BP for approximately 2 years.  I'm hopeful clean eating and a generally high fat diet will make RFLP easier.  Has anyone had concerns or symptoms associated with not getting enough vegetables during RFLP long term?

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