Hormone Regulating Supplements/practices For Women -- Let's Share How To Get Our "sexy"

Hello Bulletproofers!


I have been following Dr. Sara Gottfried for a while, I have read Skye St. John's book,obviously -- Dave Asprey as well.  I would like to get all possible hormone-balancing information in one thread.  Please post your knowledge and reliable info, and hopefully we can collect a good go-to database for hormone balancing.


I will use myself as an example.  I am a healthy 37 year old woman who wants to maximize her health, longevity, performance, and yes -- the FUN of being alive and having a (woman's) body.  I am living the bulletproof life and while I feel great and my IQ is definitely higher, my fat loss has not been impressive (basically, none.)  People say "well, it's just age."  I refuse to accept that.  There is more that I want than fat loss, anyway.  I would like to do the right things in the long run, so that my mood is great, my sexy is always with me, I don't lose bone mass and don't become old before my time, etc….  What ought I do?  What are the major things to look out for?  I know estrogen dominance is a major one. How do we counteract it?  What supplements would you recommend?  Adrenals, thyroid, etc?



  • Hey Mrsfloyd - I don't really have any recommendations re. supplements. I have also followed Dr. Sara for a while and did the detox program w/ online support last February. The dietary portion of the detox was helpful to me - it seemed to get my hormonal issues sorted out and helped me identify some foods I need to stay away from (esp. nuts). I would certainly recommend doing her formal program to sort out hormonal issues. I was fortunate in that I didn't seem to need any of the supplements to get myself re-balanced. I'll let you know when the next Dr. Sara detox will be once they send out the notification in case you might be interested :)

  • I just met with a new doc/naturepath a few weeks ago and he took about 24 vials of blood and a new urine test that does "new" bone density... I see him next week... I'll let you know...

  • Thanks guys!  I considered doing one of Dr. Sara's detoxes, but it was a bit pricey and quite involved.  I didn't have the time or the resources to delve in, but I will consider it next time.


    Still, for anyone who has thoughts or knowledge on hormone balance -- chime in!


    One thing I know Dr. Gottfried mentions is rhodiola rosea, as well as relora.  I use the former in an adrenal blend (together with schizandra, sweet basil, and such.)

  • I have no idea if this is helpful or not but estrogen dominance is an issue for those of us peri/post menopause with excess estrogen sitting in fat cells and need to balance our hormones.... Wish I had paid more attention to biochemistry.  http://www.canceractive.com/cancer-active-page-link.aspx?n=1285.  

    I have used natural progesterone cream for abut 5 years now and I really do think it has helped me.   :wink:

  • Personally I think this is a very worthy goal on many levels.


    However, before supplementing with hormnones, especially at 37, I would suggest you do some testing so that you can determine exactly where you are at, and which if any supplements might be a good idea.


    In terms of testing I would recommend:

    1)  Saliva Hormone Profile (E1,E2,Progesterone,Testosterone, DHEA)

    2)  4 point cortisol test.



    The cortisol test will ensure you aren't in adrenal fatigue and shunting pregnenolone into making cortisol, and in doing so diminishing your steroid hormone production (E & T).


    Healthy liver function is also key to healthy hormone levels, and preventing things like estrogen dominance. St Marys Thistle, as well as DIM can grealty assist with both of these.


    Once you have the testing done you can see if any of your hormones are out of balance to each other, and then what type of supplementation regime could assist.


    FYI, BioHealth do a test called a 205 that combines both Hormone and Cortisol into one test.

  • ^^  Cool, thank you.  I have not tested yet, because I tend to be intimidated by the cost and the lack of doctors I can trust to interpret the results.  To be clear, I wasn't suggesting supplementing with hormones -- rather with food/herbs/vitamins/minerals to ensure overall health.  I'll look into testing, though.

  • I've done a lot of research into hormone balancing because of trying to conceive and being over 40.


    This is what I take to improve ovarian function, egg quality (which is very dependent on the right mix of hormones and antioxidants) and ensure a good hormone balance:


    Gelatinized maca (capsules) - this is an adaptogenic food (root vegetable) so safe for everyone, works to bring hormones into balance

    Vitex - taken in the second half of the cycle it promotes progesterone production

    NAC - helps detox excess estrogen and boosts glutathione etc (most of us here know all about this one) also helps to produce better quality cervical fluid

    Ubiquinol + alpha lipoic acid - decreases oxidative stress, increases mitachondrial ATP

    PQQ - same as ubiquinol but more potent

    Bovine colostrum - increases growth hormone, helps with cellular health

    Resveratrol - another antioxidant

    Krill oil/fish oil

    Wholefood raw B vitamins - crucial to hormone balance

    Iodine (Lugol's)

    I eat fermented foods - especially saurkraut - for healthy gut


    DHEA (I don't recommend this without a health care professional's advice)


    Of course, there's a bunch of stuff I avoid so that my hormones stay balanced - soy, caffeine, sugar, grains, alcohol, dairy, (all the usual non-paleo things).


    I had a full endocrine panel before starting.


    I'm about to start systemic enzymes and nattokinase when my shipment arrives.

  • Thank you, Ubermama!  That is a very hard-core protocol indeed, and thank you so much for sharing it!


    I am interested in learning more about these, especially NAC.  You say we all know about this one, but I don't.  :)


    The other one I am not sure about is wholefood raw B vitamins? 

  • Hi Mrsfloyd, I apologise :)  NAC is n-acetyl cysteine, a free form amino acid which supports the liver in glutathione production.  It is a bit of a darling supplement in the biohacking/antiaging community.  Also used by doctors for paracetamol overdose.  There are loads of studies on this in relation to fertility in particular.  Anything that helps with fertility helps with hormone regulation and perimenopause/menopause. 


    B vitamins, B6 in particular, help the body with estrogen balance - sensitivity to estrogen, production of follicle stimulating hormone and luteinising hormone.  I take a raw, wholefood based multi B formula because B vitamins tend to work together and synthetic vitamins don't cut it.    There is more to it - studies show that b vitamins extend the luteal phase of the cycle so they must also be implicated in progesterone production.  Many women TTC take them to reduce natural killer cells in the uterus and therefore pregnancy implantation issues.

  • Do you take selenium to balance out the iodine? How much iodine do you take?..... how much sauerkraut does one need to eat each day to get the probiotic "effects"... I have a forkful at lunch and dinner is that enough?

  • I am always nervous with supplements about how they effect each other and how they affect the body in certain combinations with each other, or lacking something that they SHOULD be combined with.  It's such a mystery.


    Is NAC safe to supplement with, unguided?

  • I am always nervous with supplements about how they effect each other and how they affect the body in certain combinations with each other, or lacking something that they SHOULD be combined with.  It's such a mystery.


    Is NAC safe to supplement with, unguided?


    Yes, in fact Dave and Lana recommend it in their "Better Baby Book".

  • Do you take selenium to balance out the iodine? How much iodine do you take?..... how much sauerkraut does one need to eat each day to get the probiotic "effects"... I have a forkful at lunch and dinner is that enough?


    There's selenium in my wholefood prenatal vitamin.  With the iodine I either put a couple of drops in some shea butter and rub it into my skin or put the same amount in water with a dash of apple cider vinegar and drink that.  Yes, a forkful or three of saurkraut is about how much I eat - I LOVE it :)

  • I had genetic testing done by 23andme and discovered I have several problem SNP's relating to my detox pathways or methylation. I did it because I've had health issues for years and didn't know at the time I have the same "mold gene" as Dave. I did not have any health issues until I was about 36 or 37 (I was a runner and very active) so I often wonder if I would have known this earlier maybe things might have been different. I'm addressing the mold issue now, but knowing my genetics has been helpful while detoxing. It is kind of a new field called Nutrigenomics. Methylation impacts neurotransmitters and hormones, not just detoxing toxins. Some sites you can check out to get more info




    Based on my report, I learned I need methyl folate and should avoid anything with folic acid. My body needs more choline and hydroxy B12 or adeno B12 are better forms of B12 for me then methyl B12. I also learned my body has trouble processing sulfur and I shouldn't eat too many high sulfur foods. This explained why I can't tolerate red wine and feel crappy eating anything with high sulfate/ sulfites.

    I had trouble tolerating different bio identical hormones so I'm about to try royal jelly instead. I've heard a lot of good things about it. I think it is also good for fertility for theses TTC.

    Also, anyone getting hot flashes? My doc gave me Sepia 9C (homeopathic med) and I went from 4-5 flashes in an hour to 3-4 in 24 hours on the first day! Just 5 pellets under the tongue 3x day. I'm amazed how well it helps. After 3 days my hot flashes are gone! And my mood has improved.
  • TimH - I am 24 and have high cortisol and all the symptoms - and confirmed diagnoses - of adrenal fatigue. We're you meaning to suggest in your post above that this high cortisol reading means my pregnenolone is without a doubt out of whack? And that if pregnenolone is off then your steroid hormone production is also most definitely off? I am trying to figure out of high cortisol always results in these side effects OR if these are just OFTEN correlated with one another. Can you have high cortisol without these domino effects? What would you recommend to stop this cycle? Any advice at all would be awesome :) thank you!!!!
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