Gaba Users... How/when Do You Use It?

Just curious on this as I've concluded that I will be taking Unfair Advantage as a staple supplement considering the overwhelming evidence in favor of proper mitochondrial support.. but GABAWave seems to be a bit of a non-necessity in terms of supplementation, though I am intrigued by it's professed usefulness and positive reviews.


So is this something people are taking prior to stressful/anxious situations like public speaking or presentations? Or is it just a general performance kind of thing? IE In what environment/scenario would this be most useful or is it more personally derived for overall concentration?


  • I have not used GABA for a few years. When I was consistently lifting heavy and had a very erratic work schedule it was very useful in knocking myself out and getting deep restful sleep. After testing my optimal dosage was just under 2 grams. Under 1 gram seemed to have no noticeable effect, over 2 grams led to an unpleasant experience prior to sleep (body discomfort, minor panic). Others in the BB world were reporting different numbers, which led me to believe GABA dosage has a wild swing from person to person.

    What I would suggest if you are interested in GABA is to buy 100 grams, runs about 4 dollars, and test it out for a week to find your dose and then a week to see if you like the effects. With the right amount you will notice sleep comes easily within 30 minutes, vivid dreams, and well rested and alert upon waking. In the past I always took two days off from GABA, usually five on two off, or whichever days were off from work if they were not together.

    In the past I never considered GABA as a daytime supplement so could not see spending the money on a slow release gabawave. The only way I would try it would be as a free sample when I have a day off from work.
  • I take 1.5g at bedtime, it's doing something, but it's hard to put my finger on it and explain it.

  • Your brain's "speed" so to speak is controlled by the balance of glutamate and GABA in your brain. Glutamate is like hitting the gas; GABA like hitting the brakes. High glutamate correlates with anxiety, inability to focus, insomnia, poor mood and a host of other issues.


    If your balance is favoring over-excitation (high glutamate), supplementing GABA can swing this balance in a more favorable direction.


    This is important, because its effects vary based on your brain state. If you took it while relaxed, you'd just get drowsy and be unable to think. For many people who are distracted constantly by brain chatter, stress, etc... GABA can really straighten out their productivity. Especially during high stress times.


    Many people also use it before bed to slow the brain down so they can fall asleep; works especially well if you usually roll around a lot and can't fall asleep due to the brain not shutting up or being over-excited.


    But, do keep in mind ... GABA can be addictive. Avoid taking more than 250-750mg 3 times per day (taken from Taking higher doses, especially if done frequently, will cause your body to down-regulate its own GABA production. You then become addicted to it and need it for basic human functioning. And ceasing will cause severe withdrawl symptoms (severity depending on degree of addiction).


    That being said, use it wisely and its some great stuff.

    Biggest takeaway after several years as a hardcore biohacker: think long-term. Focus on health first before adding in boosters. It works a lot better.
  • i take 1.5 grams on average before bed. I do cycle off, 


    It certainly seems to help with short nights of sleep, and going to sleep with the mentioned 'chatter' still going about.


    Defiantly one of my favorite supps and one of the first i recommend to others.

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    So as I understand from the forum then....gaba is best taken at night?  I was a little unclear from the directions on the box of bulletproof gaba. 

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  • So as I understand from the forum then....gaba is best taken at night?  I was a little unclear from the directions on the box of bulletproof gaba.

    From my experiences using GABA as a deep sleep aid, with what I consider to be sleep inducing dosages, 30 minutes prior to bed. With lower extended release I don't think it is intended to knock you out as much as mellow you or balance your mind. I have not used the bulletproof GABA, but that is what I assume it would do.
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