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I had a hankering for chocolate yesterday but was all out of the Lindt 85% I usually eat. The grocery store was also out of it, which prompted me to try another brand. Picked up a bar of Pascha organic dark chocolate and gave it a shot.




This stuff is SERIOUSLY good. It has 1 or 2 grams more of sugar per serving than the Lindt 85% does, but the whole thing just tastes leagues better. The chocolate is super rich; I didn't even need to eat a whole serving of the stuff to get my fill. It's organic and gluten free. One serving of the stuff contains 12g carbs (not including 4g of fiber), 7 of which are sugar. Not sure about the mycotoxin content, but I felt great after eating it. (strangely, the label on my bar doesn't match the nutritional info on the site. There are very slight differences. Hm.)


How bulletproof does this chocolate look to you folks? If you can find it near you, I highly recommend it! It would be absolutely divine with a cup of bulletproof coffee, for sure.



Organic Cocoa Mass,

Organic Natural Cocoa Powder,

Organic sugar,

Organic Cocoa Butter

and Organic Vanilla


Nutritional info is available on the site, for the curious.


EDIT: Also, I'm not sure if it's processed with Alkali. Haven't been able to find mention of that on their site.

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