Biomat Vs. Pemf Device?

Wondering about the differences between these and which one would be optimal for bad sleep and adrenal fatigue. I have a little money to spend on one purchase and am trying to decide between the Biomat (which Ben Greenfield uses) and a PEMF mat such as the Omni. 


  • I forgot to mention that I would love a mat that i can also lie on during the day and would help me physically unwind when feeling depleted, wired and stressed. 

  • excellent question. I'm also interested in this.

  • I'm interested too.


    It seems we seeketh thou knight in shining armor ... to ride in and deliver upon us such information.

    Biggest takeaway after several years as a hardcore biohacker: think long-term. Focus on health first before adding in boosters. It works a lot better.
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