What's On The Menu?!?

Hi ladies! Is anyone interested in posting our daily menu? Either what we ate or what we plan to eat? In my former low-carb life, some of us ladies (and some guys) did this each day and it really helped. It was a great layer of accountability, as well as an excellent way to get recipe/menu ideas and get feedback and input on if we're doing things right.

For example:

Today was my carb refeed day:

9:00a. BP tea

3:00p. Butternut squash with KG butter and salt

7:00p. 1 slice Hemplers uncured bacon, butternut squash, butter, salt

9:00p. 2 sweet potatoes (made into fries)

11:00p. Last of the squash, BP ice cream

Seeing it written out, I can see where I may not be eating enough... Maybe should have added some protein?


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    Okay :)


    7.00 am warm water with pink salt / DHEA/bovine colostrum

    9.00 am weak black tea

    12.00 pm 2 soft boiled eggs with 3 cups of greens (baby spinach, leek and bok choy) wilted in coconut oil, handful of pine nuts, 1 small avocado, a few crumbles of organic goats cheese/fetta with apple cider vinegar as dressing

    3.00 pm 3 squares of 80% dark chocolate, herb tea / ubiquinol + alpha lipoic acid

    6.00 pm grass fed lamb fillet with mixed green salad / wholefood multi B vitamin + resveratrol + krill oil + NAC + maca + bovine colostrum

  • So far today:

    2 x bulletproof coffees.  All the supplements plus a glass of pink salty water.

    Lunch will be half a pound of ground grass fed beef made into a patty, served with a giant green salad and spicy avocado dressing.

    Not thought about supper yet.  I have some lamb shank that I might start slow cooking in bone broth, garlic and olives and which will last me a few days.  Will serve with dino kale..  

    Plenty of room after for a couple of squares of 90% Lindt  :cool:

  • Great idea!


    Ive been having sauted cabbage and bacon for lunch at home or salad with mixed greens and chicken from the salad bar at work. 


    Dinner has been mostly, rocket salad, avocado and chicken or lamb with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice dressing. All very much on the green side! 


    I had the bp mocha yesterday with a double shot and it was fab! The mocha kept me going for a lot longer and I didnt feel the need to break the fast as much as I had been recently, I would have it  every day if I could?


    Tonight might be a spinach omelette with bacon and some BP ice cream for starters and desserts :)  

  • Today didn't go so well for me:


    5 am warm water with pink salt

    7 am weak black tea

    8 am BP decaf

    12 pm huge salad with pork belly and grilled chicken, avocado, mixed greens, radish, olive oil/balsamic for dressing

    2 pm TWO protein bars

    4pm two small squares of turkish delight chocoloate (damn, sugar you are EVIL and I hate you)

    fasting now until BP decaf at 8am


    Saw a photo of myself taken yesterday and I cannot believe how much weight I've gained since doing IVF.  Awful. 

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    Ubermama.  Sorry you have had a bad day.  Please forget the protein bars.  They are filled with crap.   You are better off eating dark chocolate.  You also don't need me to tell you that you are not eating enough fat and protein.  Swap the glucose for fat.  Try two BP's in the morning instead of one.  Better still have a BP mocha to satisfy that chocolate craving of yours.

  • Today so far I have had 1 BF coffee, 1 BF mocha

    2 coconut (paleo) wraps packed full with sauted dino kale, olives and slow cooked lamb (left over from yesterday).  I'm going to add the stock from the lamb and help makei squash soup which will be part of tomorrows re-feed.

    Probably chicken and avocado (a whole one) salad tonight and dark chocolate.

  • Ubermama.  Sorry you have had a bad day.  Please forget the protein bars.  They are filled with crap.   You are better off eating dark chocolate.  You also don't need me to tell you that you are not eating enough fat and protein.  Swap the glucose for fat.  Try two BP's in the morning instead of one.  Better still have a BP mocha to satisfy that chocolate craving of yours.


    Thanks Karen :)


    Today I'll try to get more fat intake today.  I definitely need to get off the protein bars - very convenient (and I worked hard to find a better quality brand to get addicted to lol) but I always regret them - the alcohol sugars in them mess with my digestion, no matter how much upgraded charcoal I take.  Digging deeper today, that's for sure.  I'll look into that BP mocha!  


    The good news is that I weighed myself this morning and I've lost weight since the last (demoralising) time I weighed myself.  So happy about that!!

  • Glad to see posts here!

    Ãœbermama, sometimes pictures are evil. Sometimes for me I need them, if nothing else to re-motivate myself! The important part is that you got back on track. How did today go?

    Karen, I'm curious about lamb, the more I think about it, I don't think I've ever had it. Hmmm..... Is it tender? I think I get lamb and veal confused.

    Jason, I like that idea and wouldn't have thought if it! I will admit I kind of like the context and detail that can be added here, and some of the conversation that it can lead to. Not too much, but not too little.... Just like Goldilocks! ;)

    Today I haven't eaten enough (I think) but I'm almost never hungry on this plan. Does it matter a whole lot? Does anyone else have that trouble? Today so far:

    B: BP tea/coffee (I'm slowly adding in coffee to see if I can develop a taste for it.

    L: 1/4 lb gf beef patty and cabbage, both with butter.

    D: 1/2 gf ribeye with more cabbage, both with more butter of course.

    S: planning to have some BP ice cream in a little bit.

    As a side note, I just checked the infographic again and see that my wild caught fish is further down the list than I thought. Bummer!
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    Had to bring my re-feed forward to today as I have had a rapid heartbeat now for a few days and then realised from another thread that I had not been taking potassium.  I was feeling quite unwell at the office this afternoon so the best I could do was a small banana.  Problem solved but too many carbs.  So tonight is butternut squash soup with crispy bacon.  The stock was from the lamb, followed by a gigantic sweet potato made into chips baked in the oven massaged in hot smoked paprika, herb salt and MCT.  Did the 4 minute tabata.  Have also started taking my pot/mag supplement.  Lesson learnt.


    Tammy I buy lamb shanks and slow cook them in veg or bone broth for about 4 hours until the meat melts off the bone.  I make my broth from scratch so I  can choose the different flavours.  

  • You have me thinking about lamb shanks too Karen G! They are on special at my local butchers so would love to get a few for the weekend and cook them slowly.

    Hope the potassium helps with the heart racing, mine was the same a few times and its good to know that's the right supplement for it.

    Breakfast BP Mocha

    Lunch mixed green salad with chicken and olives

    Dinner Today I had the yummiest supper, real comfort food. Cauliflower mash with lots of butter and f/r beef mince with onions, very simple but so nice.

    My cravings have calmed down this week. I was able to pass the pastries on offer at a training session today quite easily. Just can't look at them for too long!
  • Tammy you're so right about pictures being sometimes necessary! 


    This is how my day went:


    5 am pink salty warm water

    7.30 am weak black tea

    8.30 am bp decaf

    12 pm greens with pork belly, grilled chicken, radish and half an avocado

    6 pm greens wilted in coconut oil, 2 pasture fed beef steak burger patties, 1 free range egg, avocado smash (with a bit of goat&sheep fetta crumbled in), olive oil, and a bit of freerange bacon.

    2 teensy squares of dark chocolate


    Feeling SO much better!

  • Today has been a bit odd. I was expecting to be hungry after all of those carbs, but not so.


    BP mocha all day (I didn't have time to make lunch), so just filled my thermal cup up!

    Epic bar (found one in my desk drawer)

    Two large pieces of almond bark (home-made), eaten straight from the freezer.

    Gigantic home made chicken ceasar, dressed in home made mayo (very generous portion), no croutons or cheese obviously.


    So not that much to eat, but I can't manage anything else today.

    No rapid heartbeat today!

  • Karen, I'm so glad the rapid heartbeat is gone! I was hospitalized once for what turned out to be potassium deficiency. I've had to take it for several years, but my doctor talks a lot about how important it is and how so many are deficient and don't even realize it. I'm going to try some lamb, thanks for the input!

    Great job getting back on track Ubermama! And I'm SO glad you're feeling so much better!!! YAY!

    Today I was thrown off because of meeting schedule changes, and I just felt like I needed a little something in the morning, but here's how it ended up:

    7:00am: BP coffee and 2 slices organic, uncured bacon

    1:30pm: 2 free range eggs with olives

    6:30pm: Wild caught rockfish, Brussels sprouts with butter

    7:30pm: nibbled on a couple pieces of homemade chocolate bar

    9:00pm: BP ice cream

    So I tried the salt water this morning. *barf* I'll keep trying it. How long did it take for you ladies to notice a difference with it?
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    Tammy mmm homemade chocolate bar - sounds delish and I can see myself making that in the near future... how great is this regime!!  Loving logging my day's intake here too.  Oh, the salt water is easy to take - I put it in warm/hot water and gulp it down.  You'll get used to it in a few days.


    Karen what's an Epic Bar?  Glad the rapid heartbeat is okay.  I notice that I get a bit of that during peak progesterone times in my cycle (about 7 days after ovulation) - apparently fairly normal.


    My day was great! 


    5 am warm salty water (plus DHEA and colostrum)

    7 am weak black tea

    8 am BP mocha (OMG YUM!)

    10 am upgraded charcoal (actually I take this every day but forget to log it)

    12 pm nude burger

    3 pm another BP mocha (still OMG!)

    6pm 3 boiled eggs, an avocado, small piece of hot smoked salmon, olive oil and apple cider vinegar to dress (and all my supplements)


    Feeling great!

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