Fed Up With My Mum Being Ill, Bulletproof Advice Needed

Hi Ladies and gents, I need some pointers.


I've so far done a pretty good job sorting out my parents diet, but my mums constantly got something wrong with her and was hoping for some more help.

The main 2 issue she has is hip Bursitis and a pretty poor immune system, my sister has a young child she looks after quite a lot and she has little to no tolerance to him when he's ill, so she goes off to the doctors and they send her away with antibiotics, they clear her out of any good bacteria and the cycle starts again.


My first mission I think is to build her immune system up after what seems to be her 6th lot of antibiotics this year, what would you suggest, I was thinking a kombucha regiment along with a solid multi vitamin, she gets quite a few greens and good grass fed meat as it is, shes also T-Total. I'm looking into allergy testing for us all, the gut testing her in the UK seems pricey but that's also something i'd like to do. 


I have little to no idea on the Bursitis, but I'm thinking introducing krill oil to her diet cant hurt.


Anyone with input on this would be great, the doctors seems so clueless with everything, plus the input here is always great.








  • Would she take a good soil-based probiotic in between the rounds of antibiotics? That might boost up her immune system a bit along with re-balancing her gut flora. Krill oil sounds like a good idea. I think if I were to start anywhere I would add in a good probiotic and krill oil and see how that works...a good multi-vite also since she's not already on one. So I guess what I'm saying is I think you're on the right track! Good luck & health to you and your Mum :)

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