Do You Ever Start Yawning Right As You Start To Work Even If You Were Not Yawning Before?

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The above makes me think that 


1. Yawning is a distraction and probably decreases your efficiency 

2. Yawning can give the wrong impression

3. Why is that we can be sitting down doing one task like web surfing or playing a game and the suddenly when we switch to another task, we start yawning


What I am saying is that I don't think yawning is purely about sleepiness and am wondering if people have tried to do things to stop yawning aside from getting better sleep. 


"Well it is because you are bored and need to find things that excite you"

Well much of our knowledge and white collar work is at a desk with papers even in rewarding careers, and yawning as a result is a reality 


Let's say you were solving some problems and started yawning constantly. Then, you start writing this forum post and suddenly stopped yawning 


I remember reading about how some people thought yawning has to do with cooling the brain or getting more oxygen. I can't remember where, but also remember reading that both of these ideas were debunked. 

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