Cold Shower After Strength Training



  • U guys need to research Dr.Jack Kruse re cold thermogenesis before u comment.

    Best book you'll ever read, yes better than the bullet proof book, sorry Dave!
  • After Dr. Rhonda Patrick's study on sauna boosting HGH I started a 30 min sauna trip after each workout.  I can't say it's made a huge difference.  It seems a natural to do a cold shower after that so that you are not sweating after putting your clothing back on.

  • some inflammation is required to generate a training response. Olympic athletes will use recovery techniques like cold water baths during competition when they want to dampen the inflammatory response between events but don't use them routinely during training because they need the stimulation to generate adaptations.

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    After shivering my butt off under plenty cold showers in my life, I have concluded that standing under cold water for 5-10 minutes really doesn't do anything for body composition or recovery at all.


    But after a hard workout on a hot day, it sure does FEEL good. So whatever benefits there are to gain from feeling good is my conclusion to their benefits

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