Anyone Supplement With Curcumin Or Turmeric?

If so....

1) Why?

2) Effective?

3) What brand?

4) What dose?



  • I am about to give a try after hearing about Rhonda Patrick on the JRE. Looking for multiple benefits based upon what I hear. Life Extension has a 50% off sale right now.

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    I take heaping spoonfuls of turmeric, I believe it has been helping with my recovery and my joints durability, less awful joint pain and inflammation after hard workouts. I just take a big heaping teaspoonful and chase it down with water or tea.

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    Turmeric has many active components, with curcumin being the most active.  I take the Thorne Meriva phytosome version and also cook with turmeric. Dr. Weil recommends taking turmeric and curcumin with black pepper for better absorption.  I briefly looked at supplements and some of the non phytosome versions  generally include black pepper or piperine.


    Once in a while I drink turmeric milk, but always mean to do it  more. It is an Ayurvedic remedy.  You could use milk of your choice.



    Health Benefits of Turmeric Milk

    1. As turmeric has anti-microbial it can effectively treat various respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, lung congestion and sinus. This healthy drink ican easily treat bacterial infections and viral infections.
    3. Turmeric milk is good for the stomach and helps in the digestion process. It can be used to treat diarrhea and indigestion but for this you need to use low fat milk. High fat milk can aggravate the symptoms of diarrhea. 
    5. Turmeric milk can also give you healthy and glowing slin. This heathy drink works as soothing mask or lotion to reduce redness of the skin or patches, which are very common skin problems.
    7. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of turmeric make hot turmeric milk one of the best home remedies to treat cold and cough. This simple drink can be used to soothe an aching throat or feverishness. A sip of this hot turmeric milk will treat the symptoms of common cold and cough within a day or two.
    9. It is a known fact that milk being rich in calcium is good to get strong and healthy bones. Plus, turmeric also has bone-strengthening properties that can help to strengthening bones.
    11. Due to turmeric’s high antioxidant content, the combination of milk and turmeric is commonly recommended to fight free radicals that cause damage to skin cells and make your skin lose elasticity.
    13. Turmeric milk benefits the health as it stops the growth of breast, skin, lung, prostate, and colon cancer due to its anti-inflammatory properties.
    15. Turmeric milk has amino acid, tryptophan which helps you get a peaceful and deep sleep. Those who have sleep problems must drink a glass of hot turmeric milk daily half an hour before going to bed.
    17. The anti-inflammatory property of turmeric is very useful to treating arthritis pain. Turmeric milk provides relief from arthritis pain and also improves flexibility of the joints and muscles.
    19. Blood impurities can lead to sever health problems and turmeric milk is a great remedy to purify blood naturally. It revitalizes and boosts blood circulation in the body. This healthy drink also thins the blood which cleanses the lymphatic system and blood vessels from impurities.


    Recipe of Hot Turmeric Milk

    Hot turmeric milk can be easily prepared at home.


    1. Heat one glass of milk on the stove.
    2. When the milk starts boiling, add one teaspoon of turmeric powder.
    3. Stir slowly to dissolve any lumps. The milk will take on a rich, mustard color.
    4. Remove from heat and then add one tablespoon of honey to enhance its flavor.
    5. Allow the solution to cool for a few minutes.
    6. Drink it while it is still warm.


    Note: Hot turmeric milk is generally considered to be safe; however it can cause nausea and stomach upset in some individuals.




    Here's what you'll need to get started: 

    • 5-7 inches turmeric 
    • 5-7 tamarind
    • 2 lemons
    • raw honey
    • water
    • blender
    • strainer
    • bowl
    • mason jar(s) or other glass jar with lid

    1. Peel turmeric. Your fingers will turn yellow. Don’t worry! All-natural dish soap gets it right out. If your cutting board or countertop get stained, slather on dish soap and rub it in. Let it soak in for 5 min or longer, then scrub with water and sponge. The turmeric stain will vanish!


    2. Crack and open tamarind. Make sure you get all the inner roots off, too. We’re only going to use the inner fruit.


    3. Fill a big pot with water, put peeled tumeric in and let it boil for at least 20 minutes until the water becomes a rich and vibrant marigold color.


    4. While the tumeric water is boiling, get a pan and pour 1 inch of water in with the peeled tamarind. Move the fruit around with a wooden utensil, mix it in with the water so it can melt and dissolve into a jam like texture. More water shouldn’t be needed, but if it’s lookin’ a bit dry, pour water in as needed.


    By this time, you should be able to see the little seeds coming out. When the texture looks soft, turn heat off and let it cool down.


    5. Go back to the tumeric water. By now, the color should look ready. Pour a little bit of cold water to lower the temperature. Take the turmeric water and pour it into the blender with the tumeric. We boiled it so the root could soften and have more flavor, now it’s ready to buzz in the blender for even more flavor and richness! Blend, blend, blend. The color now should look like an extra extra fiery marigold.


    6. Go back to the tamarind in the pan. Pour substance into the strainer that is placed on top of a small bowl to catch the tamarind. Swish the jam like substance around in the strainer with the wooden utensil-- we only want to use the soft bits of the fruit. No seeds, no seed peels.


    7. Pour the tamarind that has been caught in the bowl into the blender with the tumeric water. Buzz it around again.


    8. We’re almost done. Squeeze your lemons into the blender. Now take the blender and pour your yummy juice into your mason jar(s). Add honey to taste, close with lid, shake it up to mix.


    9. Store in fridge up to 3-4 days and drink daily! 






    In addition to its use as a culinary spice, turmeric has been used traditionally in India as a disinfectant and treatment for laryngitis, bronchitis, and diabetes. Turmeric is derived from the rhizomes (underground stems) of the plant Curcuma longa, a member of the ginger family. It is responsible for the yellow color of Indian curry and American mustard. Curcumin, which has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, is the most active constituent of turmeric.




    Population studies have shown that elderly villagers in India appear to have the lowest rate of Alzheimer's disease in the world, and researchers have speculated that the anti-inflammatory effects of curcumin may be partly responsible. (Alzheimer's begins as an inflammatory process in the brain, and Indians eat turmeric with almost every meal). So far, however, I've seen no evidence of benefit from curcumin supplementation in Alzheimer's patients.



    Other studies of turmeric and curcumin have shown the following benefits:

    • Turmeric extract worked as well as a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug for treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee in a study published in the August 2009 issue of the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.
    • Laboratory studies suggest that curcumin acts as a weak phytoestrogen and seems to have cancer protective effects.
    • Lab studies have also shown that curcumin induces programmed death of colon cancer cells, and clinical trials are investigating the use of curcumin in treatment of colon cancer.
    • Curcumin suppresses microinflammation in the GI tract associated with inflammatory bowel disease.



    I frequently recommend turmeric supplements, and I believe whole turmeric is more effective than isolated curcumin for inflammatory disorders, including arthritis, tendonitis, and autoimmune conditions. Take 400 to 600 milligrams of turmeric extracts (available in tablets or capsules) three times per day or as directed on the product label. Look for products standardized for 95% curcuminoids. Neither curcumin nor turmeric taken orally is well absorbed unless taken with black pepper or piperine, a constituent of black pepper responsible for its pungency. When shopping for supplements, make sure that the one you choose contains black pepper extract or piperine. (If you're cooking with turmeric, be sure to add some black pepper to the food.). Be patient when taking turmeric supplements: the full benefits may not be apparent for eight weeks.



    Don't use turmeric if you have gallstones or bile duct dysfunction. Pregnant women shouldn't use it without their doctors' approval. In rare cases, extended use can cause stomach upset or heartburn. (Note that piperine can slow the elimination of some prescription drugs including phenytoin [Dilantin], propranolol [Inderal], and theophylline. Some evidence also suggests that curcumin can interfere with a chemotherapy agent used to treat breast cancer, so if you're being treated for this disease, be sure to discuss the advisability of taking curcumin with your physician.

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    Thanks for the black pepper tip, I'll add some of that.

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  • I am about to give a try after hearing about Rhonda Patrick on the JRE. Looking for multiple benefits based upon what I hear. Life Extension has a 50% off sale right now.

    That's why I had the question ;) JRE...

    Is this a good brand?


    I used turmeric in my eggs every morning but it's probably only  a half a tsp or so......

  • I just got some Solgar Curcumin extract after hearing that very podcast and the benefits of taking it to aid in the absorption of glutathione. I'm not sure if it needs to be ingested at the exact same time though. 

  • Edited to add Turmeric Juice recipe.

  • That's why I had the question ;) JRE...

    Is this a good brand?


    I used turmeric in my eggs every morning but it's probably only  a half a tsp or so......



    I've usually gone with this because I've bought supplements from Doctor's Best and never had an issue with them:



    But the Nutrigold product looks to be just as good (just $1 more expensive).  

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    That's why I had the question ;) JRE...

    Is this a good brand?


    I used turmeric in my eggs every morning but it's probably only  a half a tsp or so......

    You should be good with 1/2 tsp a day if you're consuming some black pepper with that. You don't need to supplement, but the supplements will result in greater absorption.

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  • I've heard a lot of good things about the Thorne Fx Curcumin which purportedly has increased absorption because it is bound to phytosomes.


    While I haven't personally tried it yet, Ben Greenfield seems to really like the stuff!


    Here's a pretty comprehensive article on Curcumin by Thorne Fx... though keep in mind they have a product that they're selling.

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  • Apologies for being a bit late to this thread.


    I've been investigating the various formulations of curcumin. Given how poorly it is absorbed, various approaches have been taken to improve this from either reducing particle size to using lipids.


    From what I understand, you are essentially looking at taking either plain old turmeric, curcumin extracted from turmeric, BCM 95 curcumin, Meriva curcumin, Longvida curcumin or Theracurmin.


    Of those, only Longvida curcumin has been proven to pass the blood-brain barrier and help combat Alzheimer's. That being the case, this is the formulation I would go for.


    Dr Trutt has done a fair amount of research into curcumin and its effects. Here are some links.



    (please note that one of Dr Trutt's comments after this second article disputes the claims of theracurmin's amazing absorption and recommends Longvida curcumin instead). 


    There are various brands that use Longvida curcumin. See here for links:


    Having previously used Meriva, BCM95 and Theracurmin at different times, I have switched to using Longvida curcumin, and due to cost (and capsule size) am taking Now Foods CurcuBrain.

  • I don't supplement with them I just eat them within my diet......  Makes a great spice and a few bits of the root is good as well.....

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  • adding NOW brand curcumin to my supplements is one of the changes i made over the past month to see if i could improve my lipid profile. it did improve vastly but i changed a lot of things so it's hard to say if curcumin contributed at all. 

  • I've used this brand/product off and on for a few years and really like it.  Phenocane.  Think it was Ben Greenfield who originally tipped me off to this product....before he started pushing the ThorneFx products (which are really good too).


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  • I put a flat teaspoon of tumeric in my BPC every morning along with cinnamon , vanilla & nutmeg.

    I feel pretty good but not sure if it's due to the tumeric or the other said additives.
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