Apoe Gene And Bulletproof Diet

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I have been on a Paleo diet for the past 4 years.  Lost 40 lbs and felt pretty good.  Much to my dismay, I was tested for lipids and had a 160 LDL and very high LPOa (I think) and was later diagnosed with antherosclerosis  this year and have had 2 stents placed.  Recently I had my genes tested and came up APOE 3/4  which supposedly means I don't tolerate saturated fat very well and should be on a low-fat diet.


How do I possibly practive the bulletproof lifestyle with these genes?


Thanks for your help




  • This is my thought on your situation. Maybe you would fare better by eating more fish and seafood, and concentrating more on getting your omega 3's and high quality extra virgin olive oil, rather than a grassfed beef and butter-based diet. You should still eat tons of vegetables -- probably you need more than the typical person. Avocados and a few macadamia nuts are probably going to be your good friends.

    You're probably alos going to want to work diligently on the levels of inflammation in your body. Lots and lots of colorful vegetables and spices like turmeric that help with inflammation. I don't think you can eat too many vegetables. Definitely eat low, low, low sugar -- keep your triglycerides as low as you can get them.

    Other forum members will likely have some supplementation recommendations. The ones that come to mind immediately are turmeric/curcumin, coenzyme Q-10, l-carnitine, vitamin K2.

    Good luck to you! Keep checking in here. I'm interested to hear what works for you.


  • I am also curious about this. Apparently one of the studies looking at mct and Alzheimer's showed benefit to everyone except those with apoe4. I also saw paul jaminet say there is not enough evidence to show that people with apoe4 should avoid saturated fat.
  • I'm also an APOE 3/4 carrier and am concerned about how following the Bulletproof "road-map", may not have been the right choice for me over the last few years in terms of the saturated fat consumption. It's a bummer, because I love my Bulletproof coffee in the morning, butter, ghee, MCT's etc., but the data and my latest labs have scared me. This Ben Greenfield Podcast gets into the discussion a bit: https://bengreenfieldfitness.com/podcast/biohacking-podcasts/truth-about-genetic-testing/

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