Pass Marijuana Drug Test

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Hi all,


Firstly, this is a totally hypothetical situation.  I'm just curious for educational purposes.  This should probably be in the "detox" section, but I decided to post here thinking that more people might see it.  This community seems like the best place to ask for help with my situation.


I'm~ 23, 5'7, 165 lbs, below average body fat (14-17%?).

I've smoked weed since I was 16.  At times heavily, other times not so much.  Various breaks in between.

From June 1st-July 4th, 2014, I was weed free.  From July 4th til November 5th, I have smoked nearly daiy with escalating use (last time I smoked was November 5th about 6pm).  The past several weeks I have been abusing marijuana--smoking over a gram a day--sometimes closer to 3.  The weed is not super-high quality, but it is relatively high (take that to mean what you will).


I need to be able to pass a drug test by about the 18th, 19th or 20th of November (not sure which one).

What tips do y'all have to ensure that I pass this test, other than substitution methods or "cheating"?


My current thinking: Ultra ketogenic, intermittent fasting diet (4-5 hour eating window) with below maintenance calories, tons of walking every day, and heavy weights 3 days a week.

2 days before the test, I will cease working out and become a lazy slob.  I will also "carb up" and try to make sure I'm not burning fat during the test (unfortunately, it's required that I fast 12 hours before the test/physical-- perhaps I'll just disregard that). I'll eat well above caloric maintenance. 

Day of the test I will drink copious amounts of water, take b vitamins and a bit of creatine, pee multiple times before testing, and use the middle of my stream for the test.



What do you guys think?  Will I pass?  Any hacks?

Thank you.


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