Cold Sores (Herpes Simplex 1) And Alzheimer's?


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    I find it very interesting. I am genetically more sensible to herpes says promethease and i do not have herpes on my lips or anything but I have psoriasis and ms... And when i got diagnosed with ms i got tested for some infections  like lymes etc. And my antibodys for hhv 3 aka varizella zoster were increased. The doctors said it's unrelated but why on earth do they test for IT if it's suppesed to be unrelated..... 



    It's possible but still being discussed

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  • I hope this helps. It's four years since I had a bad dose of cold sores. One would finish and another take it's place. I started using a slice of garlic on it but it stings like crazy. It stopped the sore appearing then would scab over then clear after a few days. So I thought why not internalize the garlic. So I bought a jar of 1000mg tablets and took one each day. I haven't had a cold sore for over four years.

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