Sweet Potatos, Bananas, White Rice?

These 3 items would be really hard for me to give up. White rice is not too much of a problem but sweet potatos and bananas are my stables exp for breakfast.

Would it be ok to just reduce the amount of rice I eat per meal? It's in the yellow-green part of the meter.


  • Depends.

    Why are you changing your diet, or more simply..what are you trying to achieve here?

    If your functioning well and have no problems, then keep them in.

    If however you need to lose weight, then cut them down....

    Just listen to your body and keep the bigger picture in mind!
  • suntouchersuntoucher Uninspired Potential ✭✭✭
    Yes it's OK. It is not *necessary* to be in ketosis, but it has its benefits. This diet is primarily about toxin-free pristine quality food, the rest are details in my opinion.
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