Organic Vs Wild Seafood (Shrimp In Particular)

My local Wegmans is now carrying organic farm-raised shrimp (  Is better or worse than wild-caught?


They also have organic farm-raised salmon.


From the site-

"What makes organic farmed shrimp from Ecuador so special? The European Union Organic Certification on this shrimp means it was raised under conditions which address the most significant health and environmental challenges in farmed shrimp production. It s raised in mostly inland ponds on a family-owned farm in Guayaquil, Ecuador (northwest coast of South America). Like all Wegmans shrimp, it never receives antibiotics or hormones, it s fully traceable from pond to customer. On-site pro-biotics (good bacteria) help maintain the water quality and shrimp health. Customers who are especially concerned about the environment will be happy to know that inland ponds do not interfere with mangrove forests or coastal wetlands. A reforestation plan is in place for those ponds that are on coastal waters. There are limited number of shrimp in the ponds which means less stress on the shrimp and the environment. The farm uses a zero-water exchange that requires less water usage (water is added only to compensate for evaporation and filtration). Natural predators are shooed away (using noise deterrents) without harming them. Learn more about the farm owned by the Vannoni family by visiting"

"faber est suae quisque fortunae"


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