L-Glutamine and Fasting

I have started to try out the intermittent fasting as described on the blog, but i have still been taking my L-glutamine in the morning before my coffee.

But since then i have come across this on the internet...


I might just be reasing it wrong, but is the L-Glutamine going to stop weight loss?


  • ClownFishClownFish
    edited August 2013

    Wao cool info. I guess this is a good question for dave and/or Bulletproof intern.

    I have glutamine but I don't drink it when I'm trying to lose weight. I found through trial and error that it slows down my progression and attempts to lose weight, but speeds up my attempts to gain weight (or keep it). Works fantastic for gaining weight quickly and recovering from exercise, at least in my case.

    Now that I see that study it makes sense. But still, I'm just providing feedback on my experience. After I finish my weight dropping experimentation, I might use glutamine to bulk up again.


    Clownfish :cool:

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