Glenn Beck Has Adrenal Fatigue?

Recently I heard Dr. Drew (who I like a lot but think is too reliant on mainstream thinking) complaining that Glenn Beck had claimed he had adrenal fatigue, which most doctors say doesn't exist. 


If you Google this, you can see Beck's emotional video about his diagnosis and alternative treatment, as well as stories about doctors saying the whole thing is quackery. While others are pointing out his symptoms, which included seizures and vocal chord paralysis, are not consistent with adrenal fatigue. It doesn't help that part of his treatment was being strapped into and spun around in a giant gyroscope. Or that he claims to have had hyperextended adrenal glands and "could have lifted cars." 


So, will Glenn be seen as a prominent voice in the fight to recognize adrenal fatigue? Or as another nutjob setting the whole thing back? 



I still find it strange that mainstream doctors recognize addison's / adrenal insufficiency, but dismiss adrenal fatigue as pure quackery. 


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