Is Roundup/glyphosate The Reason For Gluten Issues In The U.s.?

This article makes the case that the widespread use of roundup shortly before wheat harvesting in the U.S. in order to increase dry up wheat faster for more uniform harvesting and to yield more seeds is the reason for a lot of the issues caused by gluten in the U.S.  The suggestion is that the glyphosate in roundup is to blame:


It's an interesting argument at the very least.  Not sure if that's the only source of gluten-related issues, and the article does note at the end that pre-harvest roundup is also common for other crops, such as barley, sugar cane, rice, seeds, dried beans and peas, sugar cane, sweet potatoes and sugar beets, yet the article doesn't point out the obvious issue raised by this, viz., that we rarely hear about rice and/or sweet potato sensitivity.  That would seem to be counter-evidence to this hypothesis.  Anyway, curious what other people think.



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