Bulletproof Hater Obsessed With "the Organism"



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    RGBREC. I took on your challenge because I saw it as A: interesting and B: minorly financially worth my time (though with how long this has dragged on, I question the second). You stated in your original post that you would do a business transaction if someone would take on your challenge. After some people successfully fulfilled their end of the challenge, you changed your stance on whether you would come through on your end, with your "if" statement.

    I gave you the benefit of the doubt to come through on your end of the bargain. How much more human do you want me to treat you? It's a business transaction "You do this for me, and I'll give you this". I fulfilled the original requirements. No further stipulations need to be added.

    And you're right. In this matter my interest is fairness, and purely financial. Once I started listening to the guy speak, I had no desire to actually take in his information. And why should I?

    I agree with Jason's original post in this thread.

    And i'm kind of over the entire thing. We've all gotten to see what your colours are with this. It's disrespectful. Would've been nice for you to have come through on your end :) That's all.


    Originally, it was a figure of speech. I didn't actually need to know how many times the guy said it. That's not something worth paying for. I only knew that it was a lot. I've said before that the offer was mainly to point out how many times he says the word, because it's ludicrous. Most people would just laugh it off. If you had participated in the conversation that this was really about, which is what the guy was talking about, I'd have originally been much more inclined to honor the figure of speech anyway. But your curt way of saying just the answer and not actually providing any incite, followed by your further disrespect in not answering me about the question I had about the broken link you sent, made me inclined to stand my ground.


    I'd be happy to pay you 5 bucks if you were friendly and not just trying to draw out a reaction from me. Also, if you were willing to have a conversation first about what I was talking about, that would make me more inclined. You've really just made this situation degrade further and further by not extending any sort of olive branch or sign of understanding. Most people are friendly here, and most people understand a figure of speech, especially if it's clarified as such. However, again, I'd be happy to pay you if you weren't acting like this. One word vague answers to questions are not friendly. I really can't stress enough the juvenile nature of this conflict. It reminds me of a How to Eat Fried Worms situation where an elementary school kid is dared to eat a worm and therefore is being pressured (expectedly from other grade-schoolers) to do the deed.


    Maybe some of you will never understand that this is a different situation, as this person has been impolite to me, and I originally meant the statement to underpin the ridiculousness of the video. But so often, people love to take these streams in a different direction. I think it's mostly for attention or to seem clever in some way. It honestly gets pretty annoying. 

    My true colors are: I'm a kind and extremely friendly person, and I always give everyone a fair shake. I honor all agreements that I make, if they are actually expressed clearly. I have clarified that I originally didn't intend to pay anyone for that, though I anticipated that someone might actually interpret it that way, so I would have readily paid someone who wasn't acting like this and dismissing everything else I say. However, I am not one to let bullies shame me into doing something. I will admit when I'm wrong and be completely honest, but I won't put up with this crap. If you can't see it from the way Garret responded to me, I dunno what to tell ya. I know when someone's being difficult to get a rise out of me. All he had to do was answer my question like a decent human being. I refuse to pay someone like that.

    Garrett, I'm still open to giving you the $5. Just stop being frivolous.

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    about the link to the picture...what RGBREC has been trying to say is the link to picture probably only works for you...looks like a permissions thing, or perhaps a location thing (ie. people outside north america)...


    i get the following message (using chrome) when trying to open the link;

    403. That’s an error.

    Your client does not have permission to get URL /SH_GtDwcU-gfyd8ZMa39i7q4rcz3LNjD3_qrRHeFJ2NJjCEOHB-i030VKrZ_1Wv-CgOZ2L1hbb8=w1656-h762 from this server. (Client IP address: 49.181.xx.yy)

    Forbidden That’s all we know.


    Thanks for helping me to clarify, Daz.


    Garrett, I guess you didn't read the post where I said the link was broken? That would explain more why you weren't answering my question... Perhaps this was a misunderstanding? 

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    Really? The throw away statement about how much the guy in the vid says organism was clearly not an offer, a bargain, a deal or an arrangement... or an agreement. So rarely is this kind of conversation statement misunderstood that when you asked for your money the first time I thought you were joking in the same way RGBREC obviously was.


    Now don't take this the wrong way, I am going to make a paypal transaction of £10 to the first person to stop freaking out about the introduction to this thread.

    Whoa, I didn't even see this until now! Thanks, kered. That is a practical way of putting it.


    Oh, by the way, I'm not freaking out anymore. Pay up!


    10 pounds sterling (don't have the symbol on my keyboard) is like $15 if the exchange rates are still close to what they were before. That's very generous of you! And here Garrett is getting all worked up over a couple quid.

  • All good :) It doesn't matter anymore. :)

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