A Zeo Replacement? S+ By Resmed

I just got an email promoting a new sleep tracker. At the bottom of the email, I was happy to see that it's related to Zeo. 


This email was sent to you on behalf of ResMed Corp. You’re receiving this email because (my email)  signed up to receive communications from Zeo about improving sleep. ResMed Sensor Technologies, a ResMed Corp affiliate, acquired certain trademarks, patents and databases from Zeo, and learned of your interest in improving your sleep.




I know there are a lot of new sleep tools on the market. Does anyone have thoughts on this product or company?


  • I was happy to see that it's related to Zeo. 


    Unfortunately, it's not really related. Zeo went out of business. It is common practice to sell-off a bankrupt company's assets in an attempt to make the investors whole, or at least take less of a loss on their investment. That's physical assets like the office chairs and computers, as well as data assets like the company's mailing list. Depending on the legal structure of the company, they may be compelled in bankruptcy to give up even mailing lists which had a "we will never sell your information" claim along with the signup. 


    It would seem ResMed simply purchased (acquired) Zeo's mailing list. 


    It may be an excellent sleep tracker. However for my money, I don't think I will pay more than a couple bucks for a system that does not monitor actual brainwaves. The S+ monitors your movement and breathing. Beddit has heart rate. To determine if it's a good buy vs. Beddit, you'd need to do research on whether breathing or heart rate is a more reliable predictor of which phase of sleep you are in. My choice is to stick with the cheap Sleep Cycle app until a true Zeo replacement comes out. 

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