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My primary Doctor has recommended that I supplement my diet with Creatine. This doctor is focused on integrative health, but spent 30+ years as a cardiologist. I am guessing he feels the creatine would be beneficial to my overall health.

I welcome others opinions as to the benefit or necessity of creatine supplementation for overall health versus building muscle bulk and if a good idea, what are some good sources?

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  • As for myself, I am just running a trial consumption of taking 3 g of Creatine Monohydrate per day for a month.

    My prime motivation is to increase muscle mass. In this regard, there is a positive effect, but then again the muscle growth could just as well be attributed to the BP diet and my High Intensity Training protocol.

    Will see how it goes for the trial period and keep biohacking further if it is effective and does not come with any considerable side effects.
  • tchazzardtchazzard The Human Optimization Project
    I am not interested in gaining muscle mass and given my doctor's background am thinking he feels this helps with heart health. I have tried to find any research based on this but nothing yet. I know he has serious concerns due to my long term long distance running.
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