Mental Health On The Bpd

Could use some tips and would like to start a thread about this because it's important to me and I hope it will help others as well.

I've struggled with mental health difficulties for the past 4 years (doctors never reached a consensus, but roughly Bipolar II). So far with the BPD:

-Activated charcoal has been a godsend, I essentially feel as though I've been born again (and after having worked with autistic children, I recognize AC helped give me clarity that these kids are missing…and that I was also!)

-Have the basics of the BPD down, but also don't have all my bases covered (essentially only read the top 20 posts and watched one video):

-Potassium Bicarbonate 1053mg - makes me feel like a caveman, but also in a negative sense (aggressive, physical, either with me or against me)

-Activated Charcoal - again godsend that has given me clarity of mind, born again human - daily as much as I can in between prescription medications

-Vit D-3 - 15,000 IU twice/day - would normally be making me feel happier, but doesn't change much with meds right now

-Probiotics - before meds, made the greatest difference in my happiness - now just helps with gut health

-900µg Iodine via kelp (morning) - not sure what this does or why I'm taking it

-Magnesium Bisglycinate 300mg - seems to give me some stability but didn't utilize it much until 'forced' back onto meds again

-250mg L-glutathione Reduced - speeds up thinking and gives me more clarity when the fog has descended (also may be making me agitated as well)

-Spirulina powder - roughly every other day - seems to make my gut happier

-Pure Vitamin C - 0.5 tsp 1-2 times/day - body appreciates this

-1500 mg French Green Clay - morning - probably helping gut


-BPC first thing when I wake up (coffee beans are Upgraded, but a month old), good butter - rocks my world, clarity, energy (but maybe a little too much for me) little agitated, anxious about all the 'stuff' I need to get done (still haven't put into place a true GTD system) and passionate about Futurism/AGI which keeps me alert….a little too much.

-Either sardines, avocado and Lindt 90% dark chocolate or two grass-fed beef patties with butter and carrot/peppers/cucumber/radish/other veggie.

-Usually starving by the time I get home from class and tend to be down/depressed because I haven't had enough calories and crash (but feel better….a lot better) after getting a ton of good food (e.g. more beef or salmon with spinach)

Where it all got FUBAR:

-Took Calcium-D-Glucarate while in Ketosis for way too long, without enough AC and also adding some toxins. I ended up in a hypomanic state and was 'forced' back onto meds. Started with Valium and Tercian 3 times/day. They added Abilify 25mg. Faded off of the Valium and Tercian, then added Depakote 250mg morning and evening.

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What are your top hacks for maintaining mental clarity, stability and energy at the same time, while remaining in sync with the rest of your body?




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    Hi, I haven't dealt with this specifically. Here are some of my thoughts:

    - very strict BP is your answer. Check my cheatsheet for a summary to save time (see signature). I know I feel very good when I'm super strict with my diet and things are crap mentally when I start eating breads and such. The stricter you are, the better things will run inside you = feel/think better.

    - remember this is ideally a cyclic ketogenic diet - you break it with 100-150 of good carbs every 3-5 days.

    - pick up 'The Ultramind Solution' by Mark Hyman. It is specifically about diet for mental health issues. It has tons of specific supplementation recommendations and it's somewhat in line with BP. But don't forget to apply the BP framework on top of it (it's superior as far as eating properly goes, in fact it's the ultimate image/biggrin.png' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':D' />).

    - don't take activated charcoal with meals or pills. 2 hours away from food/medicine - it'll just bind to good and bad stuff, what's the point of eating then?

    - you are likely taking too much D, take it in the morning. Get tested.

    - too little magnesium, take in the evening. Take with potassium - helps with mag absorption. Will help with sleep a lot.

    - get selenium to go with iodine. That's how it naturally comes.

    - you need to get some kind of destressing regiment going, some options: trauma release therapy (tried, works), emwave2, mind machines (the ones that do audio+visual), ANYTHING - do before bed and do consistently for like 20-30 minutes.

    - if probiotics made a difference, then this will too (a protocol for healing gut): 8x10g of L-Glutamine for 5 days, then 10g 3/7 days. See my last post in the supplements notes thread, I give more details there.

    - get tested for deficiencies.

    - consider getting some supplements for your brain: ALCAR, ALA, creatine.

    - fish oil!!

    - bring something to eat so you don't get hungry (seems to trigger you). Here's a project for ya - make pemmican and bring that. I want to do that some day, hah.

    - don't worry about GTD, some people are not organized by default, just pick any system that you like and forget about it. I've personally spent far too much time hopping from tool to tool, from system to system and ended up with... a notebook and a list. It's not worth it.

    - B12, B6, folinic acid (not folic) supplementation.

    Hope this gives some ideas.
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