With So Many "diets", How Do You Choose?

I am suffering from what I believe is leaky gut. It has been a rough several months, but I have just finished my first 24 hours, of a 72 hour bone broth fast. ...I have a headache.

I have done a lot of research the past few months trying to figure out what should and should not be consumed, and it's exhausting. How do you choose what to put in your body from the bulletproof diet, GAPS diets, Paleo, to FODMAPS. Granted, most of these things agree on the absolute worst things you can put in your body, but there is a lot of conflicting information. I have believed that Avocados and Almonds are good for you. FODMAPS says otherwise. Chamomile tea? Nope. GAPS approved: Apples, Beets, Brazil Nuts, Peanuts. Bulletproof diet says otherwise.


How do you guys do it?


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    Before you can decide what diet is best for you, you have to define your goals. Once you figure out your goals, you need to scrutinize what you eat and decide whether it's going to help you attain said goals, and in what quantity. We're all headed into this from different places. And we're all striving for different goals. This is why looking at diets as a "one-size-fits-all-I-subscribe-to-this-plan-and-follow-it-religiously" philosophy might not be the wisest. What's best for me may not be what's best for you.


    I eat a paleo diet that's mostly BP because I've found Dave's take on things to be the most solid. The greener choices on the BP diet infographic tend to be pretty good choices for me and in doing some self experimentation with the BP diet over the past year, I've managed to lose weight and increase my mental performance. The proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Depending on your goals (fixing leaky gut), your ideal diet may look a bit different.


    One of the reasons I like the BP diet is because it's a spectrum. Nothing is "forbidden" necessarily; certain foods are simply considered more Bulletproof than others.

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    Try stuff out and see what works for you.

    Get tested and follow the lead.


    There is also the lectin avoidance diet.... The American heart association published a new study this years with 800 subjects whonsuffered from all kinds of immunity. They were not allowed to eat a1 casein, gluten, legumes, cashews, squashes and nightshades.


    Tnf alpha or beta and adiponectin were measured which are both high in People with autoimmune diseases. The inflammation went down significantly within 6 weeks. 65 People could not hold on to the diet and their symptoms came back quickly...



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    Try stuff out and see what works for you.

    Get tested and follow the lead.


    This is the best method. I guess Bulletproof has worked the best for me because it leaves a lot of room for experimentation and doesn't just focus on diet. When thinking in terms of systems it's impossible to just look at diet, ignoring everything else. 


    It doesn't hurt either to have a large body of research to satisfy Reason.

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