Best/most Bp Flour? Bulletproof Cupcakes?

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Okay, I have been doing a lot of looking around on the forums, infographic, and shopping list for the best flour possible. Seems like there is no flour that is 100% bulletproof, and idk how my body will react now that I have been extremely green for awhile now. So, we will see how it goes. I want to make bulletproof cupcakes tonight or tomorrow for Thanksgiving, and I need some answers. I would rather not go the trial and error route. So give me your best go...


1. Can you use other flours (ex. coconut flour, sweet potato flour, or Plantain flour) instead of sweet rice flour for Dave's recipe of bulletproof cupcakes? 


2. What is the absolute best flour out there?


3. Anyone tried sweet potato flour? See here:


4. I would love to see someone give a comparison of all the heathy flours available. Give the pros and cons of each please.


5. Some say coconut flour is good and others say bad. I guess some people can tolerate it and some can't. Seems to dehydrate you, and it is hard to digest. Thoughts? Also, I wouldn't think almond flour is that good because it just seems better to stay away from almonds in general. 


6. Can you use Stevia when you bake Bulletproof cupcakes?

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