Alitura Clay Mask Dangerous For Milk Allergies?

I want to offer the Alitura Clay Mask to my wife for Christmas, but I see "colostrum" listed in the ingredients.


She's highly allergic to milk (whey and casein) -- will that be a potential problem?




  • I was hoping a quick Google could help me find out how much whey and casein, if any, is present in colostrum. It didn't. You could try a less-than-quick Google specifically looking for an answer to that question. 


    I did find a WebMD claim that people who are allergic to milk should avoid consuming it. But WebMD is a crappy resource IMO, and that's ingestion, not putting it on the skin. 


    Other related Christmas ideas:


    - MitoQ, the other skin product Dave sells

    - Upgraded Collagen, which many people say helps their skin and also contains no dairy (but start very small to be sure)

    - You could put together a "stack" of clays based on the Alitura mask but without colostrum. If the ingredients list isn't helpful, I know Andy Hnilo talked about the ingredients in his podcasts with Dave

    - Buy the Alitura mask but have your wife test it first in a small amount on her wrist, or some other place with fairly sensitive skin that can be covered if there is a reaction

  • I remembered that in Bulletproof Podcast #61 Dr. Tom O'Brian cites Dr. Andrew Keech stating that "that there is no molecular difference between cows colostrum and human colostrum."  After doing a meager amount of research, it turns out that they are both dead wrong.  There is even deviation in the colostrum from cow to cow and from birth to birth.  Long story short: human colostrum contains casein proteins.


    I would just shoot Andy an e-mail.  He is honestly one of the nicest, and most genuine guys in the industry and I am sure he will help you out.

  • StevoStevo Upgrade in Progress

    Great idea, it may even be something he could put in the FAQ.

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