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I travel a lot for work, so am frequently in airports and on planes. I bring the majority of my pills with me, although on a weeklong trip, it takes a lot of volume. These pills cover the B, C, D, E, K vitamins etc etc. I do not bring coffee/MCT/butter, so my mornings are not very bulletproof. I also do not bring my cod liver oil, whey, creatine, iodine or anything that requires individual measuring each day. 


At home my snacks are: avocado, soft boiled eggs, raw nuts, grass fed milk/yoghurt, home made chocolate. These aren't easy to bring with me. When I travel i bring some of the following:


Grass fed beef sticks:



Grass fed whey (don't bring this yet, but tempted to carry some in a small jar for use):



Cashew bars (although now I'm looking they have a massive amount of carbs in them):



I should probably drop the cashew bars (carbs), and bring raw nuts instead. 


Wanted to see what any of you guys did, both in terms of travel food, and also in terms of carrying the BPC ingredeients and other powders and liquids.


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    Hey pipsqueak - I, too, travel a great deal. I just started this, but I will pre-grind coffee, put a hunk of butter in an insulated bag with a coldpack in it, and bring everything else I need to have my BP coffee every morning in the hotel room.  If I'm in the outer reaches of civilization, I'll take my own coffee pot.  If I'm not, I'll  buy a coffee pot from Target or WalMart and either donate it to the hotel, or in one instance in Jan., I will be in the same hotel 3 weeks in a row (going home on weekends), so I will ask them to keep it for me.  Its 20 bucks or less and I don't have to worry about it. 


    As for lunch/dinner - I find I have resorted to broiled/grilled/poached salmon in a salad with oil and vinegar dressing, or no dressing. (I traveled starting day 6 on this plan -I'll know in tomorrows weigh-in if I did well or not).   If there's a steakhouse, I'll go there.  I also plan ask the hotel (if they have a real restaurant) to make me a salad every day with salmon on it for lunch.  I also plan to google farms nearby and see if I can get something there.  I paid the extra $11 a day to get a "suite" - only because that had a fridge in it. 


    As with any "new" diet plan, its kind of a pain in the beginning, but losing 6.5 pounds in 6 days got me motivated !  Good luck !

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