First Blood Panel- Need Help Analyzing

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I am a 5th year senior in college and have started taking control of my health about 2 years ago, which was a slow process that led me to becoming Bulletproof (to a degree) about a year ago. While always athletic, I was very overweight and suffering from many chronic injuries. It's obviously hard in college with limited monetary resources and being surrounded by constant peer pressure to party and drink, along with everyone eating fast food all the time. I am 23 years old, 5'8" (~1.7 m) on a good day and weigh about 150 lbs (68 kg). Oh, and I'm a guy. 


My diet is pretty Bulletproof for the most part outside of leaving ketosis more often than I prefer (let's call it intense carb backloading) and drinking on average about 5 drinks a week (usually in one night a week). I have been 100% gluten free for about 5 months now. I get about 7-10 hours of exercise a week thanks to being on the school's club tennis team and playing intramurals in nearly every sport known to man. I don't lift much, but have been trying to get more into that recently. Supplementation is limited to the occasional vitamin D and C.


I got a physical last week and will get the results today of my blood screen and was hoping someone could shed some light on the most important things to be looking for and what levels I should look for them to be at. Also, if you think there is anything in particular you think I should ask to receive next time. The things I will receive include:


Anion Gap


Albumin Level



Total Bilirubin

Calcium Level

Alkaline Phosphatase




Chloride Level


Glucose Level









Potassium Level



Sodium Level

Total Protein


Est. GFR Non-African American

Est. GFR African American


Absolute Grans


Absolute Pymph


Absolute Mid


Diff Type


Thanks in advance!



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    The test results you get should come with reference ranges, e.g.:


    your# (low# - high#)


    so you can see what's out of range.


    You can also create a free account at WellnessFX and upload your results there. This will basically make them prettier and code everything green/orange/red for whether or not it's a problem. Also if you hover over certain things, more info will pop up explaining what the metric really means. 


    You can also use WellnessFX's list of tests to come up with additional things to ask for next time.


    Of note and reasonable requests for a doc would be 25OHD (vitamin D,) TSH (thyroid,) hgA1c (blood sugar stability history,) ApoB (the only basic cholesterol marker that really matters for heart disease,) and hs-CRP (inflammation.) I'd want much more, but most docs won't be helpful. 

  • Thank you, I didn't know WellnessFx had a free tool that you could upload your results into.

  • Thank you, I didn't know WellnessFx had a free tool that you could upload your results into.


    Yeah, the idea is that their average customer probably has a few old blood tests, so for metrics tracked in both standard tests and WellnessFX, they can show trends over time. In your case, you'll essentially act like you're signing up for a test, upload your metrics, and then not buy a test. They will engage in email marketing to your signup email, but it's not all that annoying and some of the articles are worth a read. 


    If you've got specific questions based on what you find or anything out of range, definitely post them here, I just thought putting them in WellnessFX is a good first step that could answer the bulk of your questions. 

  • I was looking for information on my blood panel... specifically anion gap and cholesterol. Wellness FX is so cool!!!


    I notice they have to keep the standard "red zone" limits for cholesterol. Anyway, So cool!!!


    I didn't answer my anion gap question, but I learned a bunch of other stuff...

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