Bulletproof Cocoa Powder Side Effects?

I love chocolate. Had to state that.

I got some bp cocoa, had one tea spoon to make a cup of coco. Felt groggy, foggy, agitated and couldnt sleep at all, anyone else experience this?could it be that this coco is stronger? Since dave said it has retained 87% of its active compounds otherwise normally lost in conventional processing. Or does it not mix well with something else im taking? I do recall green and blacks cocoa making me feel very similar. I have a hunch its because im adding it to boiling water, may sound odd but green tea makes me throw up if i brew it too hot.


  • RodRod The Rodfather

    Do you know if the heat is damaging it at all?

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  • I read that green tea goes very acidic when brewed too hot, and thats why it can make people puke. But i feel fine generally. I realised that if i dont have fish oil i feel just like the symptoms above. I went last week with out because i ran out, then when i had some sardines about 2 hours after i felt much better. Got some more fish oil and i generally am much better.

    Also noticed something very bizzare on my em wave, all last week with out fish oil i couldnt get any coherance and my heart rate was an average of 110 bpm. The day after eating lots of sardines, my coherence was 70% on medium and my average heart rate was 80bpm.

    Iv had both cocoa (not heated) and plenty of fish oil and i feel somewhat inbetween. So i think both factors are contributing.
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