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I wanted to get some thoughts on using smart led bulbs (e.g. Phillips Hue) for setting up automatic day/night light cycling in your home.  i.e. automatically have bulbs switch from white during the day to red/amber at night. I am currently using a red light for night lighting in my bedroom, but it is currently not on a switched outlet and I find having a couple different types of lights in my room a little clunky.  I liked the idea of having one bulb to cover all my bases, but these devices are usually a little pricey.  Before I jump in and make an investment, I was curious to see if anyone else had tried using any sort of led bulb like this with a timer function and if there were any product recommendations.




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    I'm a bit biased because he is a great person, but Dr. Richard Hansler of makes many great options. Some can be a little pricey.

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  • I appreciate the info.  Do you know if he makes any bulbs that change between amber at night and traditional white during the day?  I went through the products section pretty thoroughly, most of the less that I saw were just straight amber.  Maybe I missed the product category where they were listed.  Thanks.

  • Philips Hue allows for that Bill.


    It's the cream of the cop when it comes to controllable RGB LED lighthing, but it has so much capacity for automation that it pales others into insignificance imo. You'll probably freak out at the cost though. $250 for the base kit which includes the control station and 3 lamps. Additional lamps are approx $60.

  • I'm testing the Philips Hue now. Have a starter kit and am working on the app with timers. Gets expensive as to make it really workable you need the Philips Tap as well, otherwise the only way (other than a timer) to turn you light on it with your iPhone or iPad. It's not really practical to have to unlock your phone and fire up the app to turn your light on.


    The timer works ok, but there doesn't seem to be that many options without setting up lots of timers, then having timers to turn off. Still playing around with it, so not fully explored yet. From what I've worked out, you need 3 bulbs to light a reasonably sized room, along with a tap (which works well and it great, but expensive for a switch), which will set you back around £200 in the UK. First room you'll need a starter kit which adds another £25 to the total.


    I've tested one bulb in my bathroom (which is small), the E27 works ok as a single but the GU10 really needs to have more that one bulb to light effectively. I've also found if you use the normal light which (only one tab in the bedroom currently), each time you turn the switch on and off, the bulb resets to normal light and you need the app to change it. So if it's turn on via the app to orange, if you turn the light off at the mains and back on again, it's back to white light. Not found a way to have it run a different colour on start up. But as I mentioned, i'm still playing around with them.


    So I'm looking at getting 3 rooms down, so that's around 10 bulbs (£500) and 3 tabs (£150) and the starter (£25), which totals out at £675! Now that's a lot for light bulbs! But from testing the kit it's great and very useful with the timers and colours once set up. I have morning settings and evening settings and timers set up, you can also set up the sleep cycle app with it too, which I'm still playing with. 


    All in all I think they're really useful hack for your living space, but very expensive. Not sure how many I'll end up getting, maybe a bulb every month ;-)


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  • Sylvania led strips comes with remotes any color u desire ....available at Costco or amazon 30$ here in canada

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