Woman And Athletic Training On Bp

Hi all, I have been on BP diet for coming up on 3 months. At first I noticed no weight loss, but a definte change in body morphology (smaller waist, curvier, etc), which I took to be a good sign that my body is feeling healthy/fertile, as it should with increased fat consumption. But that seems to have shifted to just gain of fat around midline, which I didn't have before. 

I know that women on BP are not supposed to do strenuous exercise or cardio, but unfortunately for me, I can't avoid that, I race cyclo cross and road bikes competitively, and have to obviously do strenuous workouts. Any thoughts? I want to stay on the BP diet, love the energy I get from it, but can't alter my workout routine, and am concerned the training regimen is causing my body to gain weight with this diet. I know athletes use this diet, any thoughts on how I can tailor it to work for me?

To answer a few questions I know I will get, I am not overweight, did BP diet for energy and overall health. I do BP coffee every am (2 tbs Kerrygold, 2 tbl MCT) with collagen powder as well. Some days that is all I have some days I have a veggie omelet as well. I do green salad for lunches most days, and only carbs I take in are at dinner, either squash, sweet potato or white rice, along w grass fed meat, usually beef, and lots of veggies, all with good amount of Kerrygold. I don't snack, and do use recommended supplements.  Oh, I should mention I do use Skratch during training, natural electrolyte formula, it has carbs from sugar, but minimal and no chemical s or artificial ingredients.


  • I train for marathons, ultras, and triathlons....I am a sponsored athlete so I understand where you are coming from.... I just eat more carbs... I sprinkle them throughout the day..... and usually have about 100-200 a day... training 3-4 hours a day....100-105lbs, 5'4"

  • Thanks guys! I have cut out carbs drastically, so maybe this is my body's reaction. And I do think I beglect protein during the day. So I weigh around 150, 5'7" low body fat, not sure of percentage, but definitely muscular build. Any suggestions on target protein and carbs?
  • Agree, cutting carbs down drastically is definitely the reason.

    Women far more affected than men - esp. athletes. Address before thryoid and adrenal function kick in.

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