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Hi everyone,

I'm brand new to the forum and super excited to have come across the Bulletproof Executive. At first blush it seems so 'out there' and opposite compared to anything else most people have been told about healthy eating, but I feel confident in the information presented in the community.

About a week ago, I started with the BP coffee and have started each morning with it alone, ensuring plenty of butter and MCT. The first day I tried the suggested dosing, as per Dave's recipe, and it tasted great; however, that didn't go well and I was pretty dependent on the bathroom for most of the day. I later found out that you have to ease your self onto eating more healthy fats, especially since MCT has laxative properties. Lesson learned :oops:

This week, I went full blast into the BP diet, with more reasonable amounts of fat to start. I have to say though, my stomach feels a bit nauseous and 'off' after my meals. I find the butter soaked veggies and steaks tasty, but also so very rich. My love of carbs is making me want to have some bread or pasta to help with the richness, but I'm holding strong in eliminating them.

Has anybody's stomach given them any issues while transitioning to the BP diet? Is there a time initially that your stomach has to get used to all the fats being consumed? Am I missing a supplement or something to help with the fats/digestion?

I want this diet to work so badly, so I'm hoping that any discomfort I'm feeling now is temporary.



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    Hey Bulletproof intern, thanks for the quick response. Just out of curiosity, taking into account that everyone is different, how long do you think your body should take to adjust to the fat intake?

    Also, I find that I'm quite sensitive to MCT/coconut oil compared to other fats. I have bought some digestive enzymes that I take a few times per day, but I do notice that after a smoothie in particular, my stomach gurgles quite a bit.

    Lastly, on the two nights that I took some MCT oil around 9 pm, I found that I was quite restless for several hours; have you ever heard of or experienced that?

    Being new to this lifestyle, I have tons of questions obviously. Thanks for taking the time to help me out.


  • I would start slow and don't over do it. If you want it to be a lifestyle it's hard to just drop the standard way you ate before. Take your time or give yourself some leniency as you transition. Some people take 1 day a week and eat whatever they want for example. That might help transition.

    For me personally, I have to be strict. That one day thing doesn't work. If I do it, I don't have the will power to wait until the next one. I also feel horrid the day after. And I'm not even crazy about what I eat on that off day. It might include an ounce of spicy corn chips or gluten free cookies (I've been gluten free for a year now).

    Being nauseous seems to come with the territory. I've been bulletproof since the beginning of January and I'm still nauseous. I've also found that the BP coffee is not sustaining enough for me to ride to 2pm or so. If I don't eat by a certain time my body gets very angry and nauseous when I do eat.

    I didn't have MCT oil to start so I did butter and coconut oil in my BP coffee. The coconut oil is a laxative for me, but the MCT oil is not. When I got the MCT oil I put only butter and MCT in my coffee and had no bowel movement that day. I've been experimenting with this for about 10 days now and I seem to require about 8g of coconut oil for it to act as a laxative.

    So for me, I wouldn't say the transition has been nice or easy. And I came from a Primal Blueprint type of diet. I'm starting to rethink these principles a little bit because my body's reaction hasn't changed and I've been at it for 6 weeks. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with BP, in fact I love the simplicity of it and will continue, but I need to listen to my body and make some adjustments.

    I'm just a guy and that's my opinion ;)
  • This is a timely thread. I am in the very, very beginning stages of transitioning from the SAD to the Bulletproof plan. I have years of experience with various eating hacking plans, and I have to say, this one is overwhelming to contemplate.

    With that in mind, it would be helpful if someone could create or point me to a priority list. What is the single most important change to make, and after that is done, then which is most important, etc. I will try to create this for myself, because I truly don't believe the internet is a place to go and just be spoonfed information, one must both pursue AND create; but if there were other things like it for reference and guidance, it would be helpful.

    It would also be helpful if a copy of the protocols listed in the video on mycotoxins could be published. He said in the video that he had handouts for the participants of his presentation; would this by any chance be available, even in rough form? I'm looking specifically at his lists of do's and don'ts, his list of mycotoxin removing protocols, regarding the use of GSE, charcoal, and bentonite, that type of thing. If this is not created, perhaps I could try to create it, but if it were tucked away somewhere and someone could point me to it, that'd be helpful. I understand that some of this may need to be purchased.

    I apologize if any of this seems obvious, but there is a HUGE amount of information here and I'm digesting it as quickly as I can. My main priority at this point is an ACTION PLAN for myself: the changes I intend to make and a timeline on which to make them. No one really succeeds at making tons of changes all at once, one needs progression.

    Rambling. Any thoughts from anyone, especially on order of action?

    Twyla aka Saengerin

    PS: my very first thoughts are with food and coffee. The food is huge and will probably be the sole focus of my first week, especially in establishing procurement channels. I am fully aware that I tend to over-plan....
  • I hope this topic gets more attention. I am new to the BP approach, and am facing so many issues with nauseousness, loose spools or diaria. Any advice on cause would be helpful

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    Like Jason says, you really need to build up slowly. That's the only draw band I experience from eating bulletproof and using bulletproof coffee. Sometimes the stomach is a bit grouchy. Also can get a bit running on the toilet ;-)


    It gets much better if you watch your levels. Give your body time to adapt, then increase.


    We've all been there ;-)


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