Is Gaba, Emptied From Capsules, Heat Stable?

After finding that decaf BP coffee has no obvious effect on sleep, I am thinking about incorporating some of the ingredients I use for a "sleep shake" into the BP decaf.  The shake has:

  • Organic, unsweetened almond milk
  • Grass fed vanilla whey (Upgraded collegen whey produces lumps)
  • 4 GABA 500mg caps
  • Magnesium supps, one as a liquid and Natural Calm unflavored for an added tartness
  • Brain Octaine if other conditions don't contribute to potential "disaster pants"
  • An eighth teaspoon of pink salt

Eliminating the grass-fed whey & milk leaves only the GABA as a potential heat sensitive ingredient.  The GABA isn't a must-have deal breaker but a hedge of using something I have had success with on my way out of insomnia.


My primary motive is to sleep with some Upgraded Collegen Protein on board for recovery and since I am having trouble getting it shaken cold, I could blend it with decaf BP coffee.  I can do this alone or throw in the other stuff I usually put in the sleep shake and reduce evening fluid intake to make a "bladder wake up" less likely to sleep straight thru the night (or day).


While I'm thinking about it while on the topic of heat stable:  I was binge watching BP coffee videos for the purpose of getting the quantitiy, in grams, of beans.  One of the videos incorporated the Upgraded Collegen protein.  The presenter stated it was heat stable but not blend-stable and added it last by pulsing it into the blended BP coffee.  Blend-stable?  BS or not?


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