Amino Acid Supplement

Looking for a high quality amino acid supplement pre and post workout. Wondering what people recommend and whether it's imporant to take pre and post or just one or the other. 


  • Having trouble locating a Japanese micronized glutamine here in the US. Can you recommend? I've never heard of this. I've been using Thorne L Glutamine. 

  • Modern bcaa usp labs fckn awsome! That's my go to bcaa/amino acids it has both. Honestly if your not creating a demand for your body to utilize the supplement your just gonna piss it out. If you wanna learn tons of ideal and valuable info check out best advice if ever came across!
  • Ive been using Beverly Mass ammino tabs and Ultra 40 Dessicated liver tabs  nice that you can pop some in with Bulletproof coffee in am or post/during workout .


        OR most recently  ive been using Bio-Serum 1 from Protein Factory...  This is far and away the best protein/amino powder ever made to date... It tastes like balls but I use True lemon packets or Cocoa powder and drown out the taste... Recovery is unreal!

  • MCT burns body fat along with using these calories to power through your workout..  MCT/black coffee preworkout is great...

    BCAA pre, glutamine post, if you are feeling especially sore you can take both before bed as well.  Brand means nothing with BCAA's, glutamine brand means nothing as long as it's Japanese micronized.   If you are in Canada sells bulk supplements for way cheaper than brand names (they are a bottler for brands).

    I'd argue the Brand means a lot considering some brands Aminos are derived from Duck Feathers n Hairs while other are made from fermented Vege sugars.
  • Specific examples. Besides, in this market "good" brands are just familiar names with fancy ads and sponsored familiar people paid to say it's awesome. With glutamine you can have an unknown brand and a famous brand selling Japanese micronized for dramatically different prices. With bcaa's, if I showed you two labels and they both said "per 5g: 2.5g leucine, 1.25g isoleucine, 1.25g valine" that is what your getting, if you want to pay 1.5x as much that's on you. With creatine, if it's creapure then it's creapure, buy the cheapest one.

    Yes I'm aware of that.

    I recently spoke to an Amino Acid importer whom informed me most Amino Acids are derived from duck feathers & some still Hair , regardless of the Brand the Companies are all sourcing from the same manufacturers , one exception is this mob: who claim their Amino's are derived from fermented vegetable.
  • There is silk amino acids on the market too make from none other than good old silk !   That's why I like the Beverly mass amino tabs  they are convenient 500 in a jar..  The are pre digested hydrolyzed milk protein aminos cow derived!

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