Bulletproof Diet And Fertility

Hi my name is Angela, from Spain, I got the book a few days ago so I am new to this lifestyle and to the Forum, this is my first post.

The reason I am here is because I have fertility issues, I want to get pregnant, I have tried for more than a year, but my hormones, though seem to be better than a year ago, are not totally balanced, my FSH is now 11,61 (it was 14,78 at the begining) and the higest for archiving a pregnancy is 12, so it is in the limits now but I would like it to be a bit lower. My progesterone is lower than it should and my AMH is very low.

I am celiac, I have no dairy, but my biggest mistake is that I was rawvegan and vegan for 3 years and I used to workout very hard so I guess all my hormonal problems come from there.

I started to eat eggs and fish last February and over a month ago poultry and meat, because I think I need them and I also started to read about the Paleo Diet and its benefits for fertility.

I still workout but in a lighter way, I do one hour of Kung Fu weekly, 2 days of yoga (that is the minimum, some weeks I do more yoga) and 2 days of Interval Training for about 20 minutes, I don't do Cardio, I just walk to work daily, and I also meditate daily.

Well I need tips, something like a daily menu recommendation, I don't pretend to do fasts or anything like that because right now I need to nourish my body and my hormones, I would like to know what carbs I should eat, its %, if coffee is ok in this case or maybe I should take it decaff (I haven't had coffee for more than 2 years)

I hope someone could help me out...Thank you very much.


  • Well, Dave's first book (The Better Baby Book) is all about fertility, but there's a lot of overlap between what promotes health and longevity, and what promotes fertility -- so a lot of the stuff will be the same.


    You can read Jack Kruse's essay here about hormones: http://jackkruse.com/hormone-cascade-101/


    The most critical point I've quoted:



    So anytime cellular stress is high (high HS CRP), it also forces all the hormone backbone substrate called pregnenolone to be shunted to cortisol production. This is called pregnenolone steal syndrome. What exactly does this mean, Doc? DHEA, Androstenedione, Vitamin D, testosterone, estrogen, and aldosterone production all fall dramatically. These are all of the hormones that are made from a common precursor.


    I'm betting your cortisol levels are really high, and as a result, your body is incapable of making any other hormones -- hormones that are necessary for fertility. The common precursor mentioned is cholesterol, so you need to start eating lots of good saturated fat.


    My grass fed butter protocol: if the food is hot enough to melt butter, put butter on it.


    As for carbs, refer to the starches on Dave's infographic: http://www.bulletproofexec.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/Bulletproof-Diet-Infographic-Vector.pdf


    A very simple and tasty meal I like is yellow/red potatoes, ground grass fed beef, and butter. Just cook it in a skillet.


    That'll get you started in the right direction. If you want some more help, you can PM me and we can discuss more things.

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  • Thank you very much for your help!! I have read all you sent to me but I still have some questions...


    - Would you recommend me decaff coffee instead of caffeine one? it is because of the cortisol, I am not sure if coffeine is right for me at the moment

    - what kind of workouts, how much time daily and how many days would you recommend me?

    - I find the carb intake for fertility is not enough, I dont want to lose weight and I have read from many specialist that a low carb diet could also damage fertility, so maybe I should have an amount of 100 grs of carbs daily, I was thinking about 50% fat, 30% carbs and 20% protein, Do you think that would be ok for boosting fertility and for balancing hormones?

    - I find just having the bulletproof coffee in the mornings is not enough, I normally have breackfast al 8.30 but I have lunch at 3.30 pm (spanish lunch time is late) what is your opinion If I also add a two eggs omelette with spinach? or would you suggest just the bulletproof coffe and a snack mid morning? If I have a snack what could it be?

    - Do you know what is the proper percentage body fat for fertility? I have read so many things about and I am confused...


    Thank you very much for your help

  • Sorry just last questions...

    -What is your opinion about spirulina, kelp, chlorella?

    -what about maca, wheat grass, açai powder, baobab powder?

    -and chia seeds? bee pollen?

  • Angela, I can't answer all of your questions - maybe firezombie or others can! -  but I would urge you to go with what feels right re: caffeine, breakfast and carbs.


    We all take Bulletproof guidelines as a starting point and then tweak as we need/want. It sounds like less caffeine (maybe Upgraded Decaf* or just using tea/tisane) seems right for you now; you want food in the morning, so go for it: protein and fat for breakfast! - and more carbs is probably a good idea as well (keep them to the evening). Exercise should probably be something that keeps you moving and active and happy - lots of walking, some yoga - but doesn't tax your adrenals. Interval training is terrific, but it might be recommended to back off of that until your hormones come into balance (I'm not sure but the whole point of HIIT is an intense stress and we get stronger in the recovery from it).


    Do you like liver? Nearly every culture (if you go back far enough) has nutritional guidance re: fertility, and liver is at the top of the list for many of them. I know that it can be hard as a recent vegan.... If can manage it, find a good (grass-fed) source.


    *if you decide to go with decaf I would be pretty careful of the source

  • Thank you very much Musicmama!! I will follow your tips!! I will try to get the best Decaf I can, soon I will order from the Bulletproof site but to Spain the shipment cost is around $40 so a bit expensive..any to get a good one? Or a label maybe?

    So when you say protein and fat for breakfast you mean I cannot even include a handful of Spinach, don't you?

    I have started the BP Diet a week ago, and to be honest I don't feel I have as much energy I had a few weeks before when I included more carbs in the morning, such as a green smoothie with fruit as a snack or even for breakfast plus Protein and fat. I feel foggy and tired, I feel I need a bit more of carbs during the day, fat is not giving me the energy I supposed I was gonna have...any advised about?
  • Angela, I don't know a whole lot about decaf, just that most of the ones out there are not great. Maybe stick to tea until you can get a brand that you're sure about? Green vegetables would be fine in breakfast; I would just keep sweet potatoes (or your other starches) to the evening meal. If this way of eating is new for you and your body is used to a steady supply of carbs, there will be a period of adjustment in your energy level. 


    [I am NOT an expert on fertility or female hormones, so please keep reading on the forum to find more guidance! Also, as someone else mentioned: Dave Asprey's Better Baby Book is probably terrific - I wish it had been around before my own pregnancies - and you also might want to look into Chris Kresser's work on fertility and pregnancy.]

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    A week is hardly long enough to evaluate a drastically new diet. There are all sorts of changes your body has to make, and they're not exactly fun.


    When you say BPC is not enough, what exactly is lacking? Are you hungry or are you tired?


    If you're hungry

    1. How much butter and MCT are you putting in your coffee?

    2. Consider eating raw/soft-cooked eggs (especially yolks) or sardines in the morning, as well.


    If you're tired, you might have some sort of adrenal dysregulation. I would get a hormone panel. At the very minimum, you need to get a salivary cortisol test (one that includes 2-4 samples during the day).


    Vegetables don't count towards your macronutrient goals, so you can eat as many as you like. (Note that carrots are commonly considered a vegetable in America, but erroneously so. They're a starch.)



    Sorry just last questions...

    -What is your opinion about spirulina, kelp, chlorella?

    -what about maca, wheat grass, açai powder, baobab powder?

    -and chia seeds? bee pollen?


    All exotic super foods. I consider super foods to be the pharmaceutical drugs of the nutrition world. You don't have a Prozac deficiency; you don't have a chia seed deficiency. You don't need any of these to be healthy. Every thing you need in order to have a nutritious diet comes from around you. Think about it. Hunter gatherers lived (and presumably thrived) where you live for thousands of years and they didn't need super foods shipped in from overseas. Every environment has the keys to a nutritious diet (if people have been living there for thousands of years). Eating a super food is like taking drugs -- you're trying to cover up a hole in your diet and lifestyle. Try to fill in the gaps, instead.


    (Having said that, I do eat bee pollen. It nuked my seasonal allergies, but I'd still like to go deeper.)



    Personally, I'd skip the decaf coffee. Make BP tea if you're wanting the fats that come with BPC. If you just want something warm to drink in the morning, I drink bone broth or seafood broth.


    Here's a couple more articles for you to read:




    Finally, here's a to-do list for you

    1. Eat more butter, liver, fish, shellfish, cod liver oil, and eggs.

    2. If you're craving carbs, go for it. Potatoes, fruit. Just keep them much later in the day and eat fat with them. Your cravings are a clue. Figure out why you have them. (Hint: it might be cortisol.)

    3. Lower your stress load. That includes intermittent fasting and HIIT

    4. Get your salivary cortisol tested. I really think your cortisol is the key to what's going on here. Without any good data on it, there's not anything else that can be done here (besides tedious trial and error). Then work with a practitioner, if you aren't already.

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  • Check out Dave's podcast with Ben Lynch where they discuss MTHFR ....this could be a simple fix for you. 

  • Angela, Firezombie's post is amazing. I would follow that, and let us know how you're doing in a few weeks!

  • Thank you for all your advices, It has been a great help.


    What I have noticed is that drinking decaff, though I bought the best quality I could, gave me headaches and fogginess so for the moment I am drinking regular coffe (I got an organic one from Chiapas, Mexico, which sais that is is handmaded collected, bla bla bla...) I know you all of you said to me that I should drink tea better than coffee but I dont like the "bulletprooff tea" very much and coffee is giving me energy and I feel very good.


    What I have noticed as well is an improvement in my sleeping, because of stress I have one of those night guards, since I started the Bulletproof diet, a week ago, I am not using it at nights anymore, I wake up and I don´t feel that much preasure in my mouth that I used to have before when I sometimes slept without the night guards.

  • I'm sorry to say this, but the reference of Jack Kruse is not exactly reliable. What made my eyebrows raise in the first place was his statement that inflammation causes leptin resistance. A quick search of google scholar demonstrates that the jury is still out on this topic. A recent review suggests that it's probably the other way around. The quickest way to induce leptin resistance inrodents seems to be a high fat diet. My point is, that if he gives faulty information on this topic that I wouldn't put much trust in his other statements. After your experience with the vegan diet, You seem already on your way to recovery. I only say one thing more: a lot of info on websites is just plain wrong, especially if the provider of this info has a commercial interest. I wish you the best with your health and future pregnancy.
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