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Looking to cure my first pork belly.


I see Dave's instructions (, but he doesn't quantify how much Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or Vitamin E to add relative to the other ingredients or weight of the pork belly (see below).


He mentions a full recipe (see BOLD below), has anyone seen that?? (Dave's post was from over a year ago, so I am inclined to think it is out there somewhere. I just can't find it.)


Otherwise, does any one have any guidance here? Just looking for a relative quantity of Vit C and E... a lot, a little?? Anything helps.



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  • From Dave:
  • "Finally, we have the most Bulletproof bacon hacking tip of all. You can rub your pork belly with any mixture of herbs and salt, as well as sodium nitrite (to cure it), also add Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to the rub, to absolutely stop the formation of nitrosamines, and to help the nitrites convert to nitric oxide instead of carcinogens.  Adding some Vitamin E may also help prevent the formation of nitrosamine.  You can then leave your bacon to cure for 1-10 days (usually 7-10) before you smoke it. I’ll have the full recipe developed for you shortly!"


  • Welcome to the Bulletproof forum, Moose! Always good to have new members.

    Have you tried searching the forums for "bacon", "bacon curing", "curing", "pork bellies", "heritage hogs", etc.? You might try the recipe section. Sometimes searching is tricky, but one of our members started a thread on that topic too.

    Best of luck to you,

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    I did this a few weeks ago - I'm trying to remember where I got the recipe, maybe it was in the BP cookbook? Can't remember at moment.


    Just got a slab of pork belly, mixed up the herbs and salt etc and rubbed it on the meat.

    Turned it a couple of times a day for a week then cooked it.


    I don't think I put any Vitamin C or anything like that.

    I went a bit heavy on the salt though as I thought there wasn't enough in it.... but there was.

    Next time I will only put as directed.


    Now I may be getting confused with another paleo bacon recipe, but I have a vague recollection that says you can use celery powder ( and the nitrates ? forget which one) to give it the nice colour. 

    Mine didn't look really flash, but it tasted OK.


    Need a good knife to cut it nice and thin.


    One tip I read somewhere for good bacon is to whack it in the oven.

    Put it in on a tray at 200 in a cold oven and at about 16 odd minutes your bacon is good to go and there no mess in oven.





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    I know this was posted a while ago, but hopefully it'll get bumped for all to see!


    I was searching for the answer on the site myself, pretty much coming up with the same answers. So I typed in "Bulletproof bacon curing recipes" in Google, and came up with this article from Ruled.Me:



    This seems pretty in line with Dave's article The Science of Bacon: How to Hack Your Pork. The only omissions I'd made are the garlic, as it's not BP, and possibly the brown sugar, which could be replaced with maple syrup. Not sure how a more BP form of sweetener would taste... However, the author does mention the brown sugar will be washed off, if you're concerned about using a Suspect sweetener. I'd also definitely take Dave's advice from the article and add Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) to the rub to, as Dave put it, "absolutely stop the formation of nitrosamines, and to help the nitrites convert to nitric oxide instead of carcinogens." 


    As a side note, this looks like a great source for those interested in a Ketogenic lifestyle (recipes, how-to's, etc). Looking forward to reading some more into this site! Bacon, here I come....  :grin:



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