Light Sleeper

Any suggestions for a light sleeper.  


  • dazdaz today is a good day ✭✭✭
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    if you have been a light sleeper all your life...i do not think there is anything that will help (i hope i am wrong tho).


    i've been a light sleeper all my life...i generally wake at the end of each sleep cycle, which is about 90 minutes for me.

    tho if i'm 'lucky' i'll make it past the first sleep cycle all being well...

    eg. if i go to bed at 10.30 pm, i'll wake at ~1.30 am (~+180 mins). then after falling asleep, i'll wake again every ~+90 minutes for the rest of the night.

    & if i'm 'unlucky' i'll wake after the first sleep cycle at ~midnight (~+90 mins).

    fake it till you make it

  • thanks Daz.  It is actually not me, but my wife. I am on the other hand am a deep sleeper.  In fact, i sleep through a very minor earthquake. 


    I read the bulletproof book and found ways of getting better sleep., but nothing about waking up and not getting back to sleep


    Her main problem is I wake my wife up with whatever noises i make.  Then she cant fall asleep.


    I am thinking of ear plugs for her.

  • Has she tried magnesium glycinate before bed?  200-300mg?

  • She hasnt really tried anything. But somehow it is my problem  :eek:


    I got some ear plugs for her stocking.  And i have been giving her the Vanilla Latte at night. 


    I will try the  magnesium glycinate. She is bear if she doesnt get anough quality sleep.  godspeed

  • This is often indicative of adrenal imbalance; before trying this supplement and that, shooting in the dark, get an Adrenal Stress Profile done. If it comes back showing an imbalance, you can bet it's responsible for sleep issues, and probably more you may suffer from but didn't realize the cause....and simple to fix, though it does take some time and compliance. It's a simple saliva-based test, just let me know if you need more detail.

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