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I've got a question (I've searched but ca,'t find the exact topic, apologies if it is here - point me to it!). Ive lost 5kgs in six weeks of BPIF and ketosis, but for the past ten days I have stalled. I wondered if this could be a result of impending period onset?


What are experinces of BPIF or Skye's protocol pre period? Loving the new bulletproof chocolate I had sent this week to Australia.... only had small amounts as to not add to the carbs!


Thanks for the thoughts.





  • Are you doing the carb re-feeds? I find if I skip them my body get stubborn and I stall out with pounds lost. Also - how are your clothes fitting? Sometimes our bodies .. rearrange and we may not see the pounds lost, but see the inches gone. Hope you find your answer! 



  • I think I have not been as good as I could have with the refeeds Aimee..... thanks for the reminder!

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    A is right --- I didn't take refeeds seriously for 1.5 years, now that I do, more belly fat has come off. Also feel even better now! 

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