Does Macro Timing Matter?

Just wondering if there are benefits in timing your fat intake... eg, most in the morning, mod for lunch and a small amount for dinner? Or do you aim for eg 30g fat at each meal?

Do any of you find any difference in your weight by shifting fat macros? Or any macros for that matter?

I know more carbs at night, and im doing the bpc if in the mornings... just wondered peoples experiences with macro allocation... what works for them in terms of weight loss, sleep, exercise etc.


  • most of my fat is in the morning and it helps me immensely with fasting IF and protein.

  • Nutrient timing is a legitimate thing.


    The biggest bang for your buck will be to shift almost all of your carbs to be within the post workout window each day (within 2 hours is best in my experience). If you're following a TKD (targetted ketogenic diet) then you may be ingesting carbs immediately prior to undertaking any exercise for intramuscular glucogen (but it is still considered nutrient timing).


    You'll find weight differences come with the addition of carbs. For each gram of carbohydrate, your body needs to hold onto ~3 grams of water. Eating extra carbs will cause a temporary weight gain due to fluid retention.

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